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Michael Zomber Is A Man Of Many Interests

Michael Zomber Is A Man Of Many Interests


Michael Zomber has many interests that he has developed over the years, especially in investing and antiques. Since the time he was in school, Michael has managed to come a long way, without knowing exactly what it was he wanted to do. During his schooling he always showed a great amount of effort, trying to excel above expectations. Michael showed this by doing a double major during his attendance of Illinois University, where he earned his English and Psychology Degree. This kind of challenge prepared Michael Zomber for what was to come ahead, and it was a way of pushing himself for success. He even earned his Master’s in English Literature from UCLA.


As noted, Michael Zomber was unsure of what he actually wanted to do after his schooling, or what to put his degrees too. It was during this time that he found one of his interests, which turned into a life long hobby of his to this day. One of his friends had him come along for a antique gun show, which sparked Michael’s interest in antique weapons and armors. At this point, Michael Zomber knew he wanted to collect them, not only for himself but as investments that could be sold for profit in the future. Since that time, Michael has built up quite a large collection of these antiques, which he has also lent to several museums to show off the history.


Michael’s interests have earned him a fair bit of recognition over the years, building him into a sort of psuedo-celebrity. He has even been featured on the history channel to discuss his knowledge of history and antique weapons from old eras. This is no problem for Michael as he highly enjoys the subject and is very passionate to talk about it with anyone who has interest. He plans to continue collecting his antique weapons and armors for many years to come, building up on their value over the years. Though, there may be some he’s grown attached to that he won’t part with. Michael will forever be a collector and investor in antique weapons.