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Raj Fernando’s Exceptional Management Skills

Raj Fernando’s Exceptional Management Skills

Raj Fernando believes that Chicago offers the ideal business platform which starts up businesses should take advantage to grow. Chicago has a real business ecosystem of differentiated industries that requires one another to generate more revenue.

It is through this opportunity that Raj Fernando stepped out of his career as an established bond trader in Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade to start his first company Chopper Trading is 2002.

As the CEO and Founder of Chopper Trading, he was in charge of the company’s trading, communications, employee selection and other activities that are vital for a start-up company to compete against its established business rivals in the financial market.

During his management in Chopper Trading, he exhibited his exceptional skills in management. During his tenure, Chopper Trading marked a historical growth from a startup to a leading company within ten years.

The company’s employees were ranked as the most robust and professional team in Chicago’s financial market. For this reason, Chopper Trading served leading clients like LSE, ICE, CME and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed. Raj understood the unique skills of each employee. He encouraged his employees to help each other while giving out services.

After their regular activities, Chopper Trading employees were given an opportunity to exercise and participate in various sporting activities like chess, soccer, table tennis, poker, and baseball. In other times, the company sponsored their employees with tickets to watch favorite teams like Blackhawks, Cubs, and Bulls.

The practices improved employee productivity and modified the company’s working environment into one that most employees preferred. Different from other businesses, which faced high employee turnovers, Chopper Trading workers, left their career after retiring.

To date, Chopper Trading Chess team and Soccer teams rank amongst the best in the Chicago league. In. 2015, Raj sold his company to DRW Trading Group. Afterward, he launched a new Startup, Scouthead that offered to communicate technology services to its clients.

Away from his regular duties, Raj supports various organizations in Chicago and the United States working to improve the living standards of people. Some of the organizations he supports includes Holocaust Museum, Steppenwolf Theatre and Chicago symphony orchestra group.