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Learn Why Eric Pulier Is A Leading Entrepreneur And Technologist

Learn Why Eric Pulier Is A Leading Entrepreneur And Technologist

Technology and business are areas that are evolving rapidly and this represents a new era that is threatening to wipe away those businesses that cling to traditional concepts of management. Eric Pulier, as a successful entrepreneur, author and technologist has reviewed these issues in most of his publications and he is confident that the world of today demands that one should move with the drift if they want to survive in the business world.

His projects have sought to offer easy solutions to complex problems in the world and he has recorded massive success in whatever attempts he has made to improve the way people interact. His achievements cannot be reviewed without the mention of the position he has held in philanthropy.

He supports several organizations and has also gone to the extent of designing programs that have worked to make the lives of those battling certain illnesses better. Eric believes economic advancement is not sufficient if social flaws are not addressed and this is the reason he has been a strong champion for projects meant to improve the lives of people across the world.

Government projects
Due to his proven skills, Eric has won contracts in the government. He has been working on many projects since his 1997 presentation at the presidential inauguration. Pulier was among the few professionals who were selected to implement the presidential technology exhibition in the 1997 second inauguration of Bush and Gore.

The presentation was massive and marked the most important part of the event. Eric Pulier offered a creative approach that allowed him to sequentially offer the details about specialties in the government. Towards the end, he enabled live interaction with astronauts based in the space shuttle.

Understanding Enterprise SOA
Understanding Enterprise SOA is a book that Eric Pulier wrote in 2005 that addresses entrepreneurs and technology. In this publication, Eric Pulier tries to paint a picture of how modern business and technology are interdependent and answers questions through real-life examples of successful companies in the business world. He explains the importance of enterprise SOA and highlights what it would take to achieve it.

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