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Jose Manuel Gonzalez Resolute to Unshackle the people of Venezuelan from Bad Politics.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez Resolute to Unshackle the people of Venezuelan from Bad Politics.

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agricultural business person and a politician from Venezuela. He was at one time the president of FEDECAMARAS and currently serves as the deputy of the National Assembly. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an experienced politician having worked in public service in two different areas. Gonzalez major success is in business, but his contribution to politics is considered paramount by many in Venezuela.

Mr. Gonzalez understands the poor state of agriculture in Venezuela and has been using his position to improve the situation. The country produces over 700, 000 tons of corn and rice but due to lack of enough foreign exchange and import laws the farmers end up losing a lot of revenue in the process.


With Mr. Gonzalez in the assembly, the farmers of Venezuela will benefit as he is involved in the agricultural sector. Gonzalez says that politics in the nation of Venezuela should not be controlled by the jurisdiction of the politicians. Gonzalez has been successful in the agriculture sector and believes that it as his job to oversee the agricultural reforms in Venezuela. Regulating importation of other produce from other countries will help the farmers leap from the roller coaster they are currently.


Indeed, Mr. Gonzalez has not had it easy serving as the deputy of the assembly. Jose Gonzalez says the government is the main culprit. He is, however, determined with lots of passion for serving the people. Many Venezuelans view Gonzalez as the politician they need. He has advocated for better management of the government and says healthier systems should be in place.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez hopes to fulfill the wish of the people and help unit the government for the people can benefit. Gonzalez appreciates honesty and according to him the people of Venezuela should never be overlooked. Gonzalez believes impunity and poor economic policies as a way to only benefit a few individuals at the expense of the majority.


Consistency in conviction and coherence is what Mr. Gonzalez expect from a government. The core values to respect of property and refusal to accept warlord like behaviors. Venezuela does not need a messiah neither do they need rhetoric but a politician that acts.