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Understanding the Legal System of Brazil

Understanding the Legal System of Brazil

For a person to practice law in any country, he/she needs to have sufficient knowledge of the constitution. And before representing a client in the Court of Law, a prospective candidate has to undergo a thorough examination to gauge their expertise. In Brazil, students who have finished high school undergo a five-year course in a law school after which the student becomes a graduate. As a graduate, a candidate can’t exercise the profession yet. While undertaking a course in law school, the student will gain all the knowledge needed to pursue any profession related to law after passing the examination of the Bar Association of Brazil.
The bar examination occur nationally in March, August, and December. The examination is organized and supervised by the Order of Attorneys of Brazil. The Bar exam occurs in two phases; the first phase is a multiple choice test and the second is a written test. The constitution stipulates that anyone who wishes to pursue a legal profession should be a degree holder of Bachelor of Law and have the approval of Examination of Order.

The exam is legitimate and ensures candidates have a high level of legal knowledge just like public tests for prosecutors and the judiciary. The exam has a practical intermediate level, some of which are challenging, others extremely simple. The exam is based on commonplace themes, and its knowledge is imperative to candidates who wish to practice law.

Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho is a Brazilian lawyer who is astute in litigation. He is a reputable author and entrepreneur in the Brazilian law. Ricardo started his career in a small law firm and advanced through several firms that dealt with business litigation. After honing his skills in the field, Ricardo co-founded, Leite, Tosto e Barros Advogados Associados. He has been successful in defending notable individuals and well-known firms. He has also advocated for renowned Brazilian and multinational groups as well as politicians of different views. Mr. Tosto and his law firm hold a place of honor in litigation.