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New Technology from Securus Technologies Helps to Eliminate Costly Paperwork

New Technology from Securus Technologies Helps to Eliminate Costly Paperwork

While paying bills online recently, I realized how easy it is to take care of things online instead of dealing with a mountain of paperwork. The same thing applies to most jobs these days; many forms and similar things can be dealt with in more automated ways. This led me to research how different industries handle paperwork these days. It turns out that some prisons and other detainment facilities still handle paperwork the old fashioned way. However, a company called Securus Technologies has introduced a new application that takes the hard work out of dealing with requests, forms and other types of paperwork.


I never knew that corrections officers and other corrections facility employees spent hours every day colleting, filling out and filing paperwork. As you might imagine, these kinds of tasks lead to monumental costs for these facilities. The new offering from Securus Technologies is called the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application. It automates requests, grievance filings and other important forms for the people who work in these facilities.


Those familiar with Securus Technologies are probably not surprised to hear that this company is offering such a revolutionary service to the correctional facilities industry. They have been a leader in this industry for some time. Securus uses a piece of technology called ConnectUs to deliver their cutting edge applications, like the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application. Not only does this application ease overhead costs for correctional facilities, it also streamlines the entire form submission and tracking process for inmates.


It is great to find out that this application is available to correctional facilities all over the country. It helps these facilities to save money, makes the work day more productive for corrections officers and ultimately removes the stress and agitation that many inmates may have dealt with when using old-school paper forms. After finding out more about the Inmate Forms and Grievance Application it is easy to understand why Securus Technologies is the correctional facility communications/technology company that so many facilities turn to when they need effective technology services and solutions.