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The Manse on Marsh is a trusted assisted living facility that has been awarded the “Caring Star” award which is an achievement that honors service excellence in an assisted living facility. To have won such a award is an honor to the facility in the industry and many strive to achieve such a status. The award is granted to those facilities with high consumer ratings and reviews within the healthcare setting. The Caring Star award is one of the most popular sought after award in the assisted living industry across the nation. In order for facilities to qualify for the award in the current year, they must have certain guidelines met the year before.


In the case of The Manse on Marsh, they completed the three consumer reviews between December 1st, 2013 and December 1st, 2014 in order to receive the award for 2015. They received at least one five star review during that time frame along with an average rating that was greater than four stars. In relation to all of these factors, they also were responsible for ensuring that any negative reviews or complaints were resolved within that time frame. Caring Stars has been around for approximately four years and has been the first award of its kind to gain recognition in the assisted living facility industry.

The Manse on Marsh is located in downtown San Luis Obispo and is a nationally established, reputable assisted living facility that takes pride and ownership in providing exceptional services to the senior community. The Manse on Marsh allows senior individuals to remain independent but obtain the necessary help needed to thrive. The facility provides many different types of services that are essential to the needs of helping seniors.


They are services such as helping to manage medication, engage in meal reminders, continue their social life and make new friends, assist with bathing, grooming and much more. The Manse on Marsh is unique in its own way by their point system structure which assures that each resident only pays for the services they receive and nothing more. Their promising future is positive and they look forward to servicing the community for many years to come.


Andy Wirth, a German born businessman works in the hotel and mountain resort industry. He works in the hospitality industry in 1986 when he signed on with Steamboat Springs Resort and took on several leadership and marketing positions for its parent corporation. In 2007, Andy Wirth accepted an appointment as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) and Executive Vice President at a company called Intrawest. In 2007, Intrawest acquired Steamboat Springs Resort.

In 2010, Wirth left Steamboat and took on the role of President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Squaw Valley. Wirth managed a $70 million facelift for the resort. Changes included improved lodging and common areas, base area facilities, culinary upgrades and much improved infrastructure and mountain design. The improvements greatly enhanced customer experience and helped boost Squaw Valley from the bottom to the top of destination resort areas.

In 2011, Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows Ski Resort would enter into a merger and offer customer combined ticket passes. Mr. Wirth was instrumental with the acquisition and Wirth was named President and CEO of both resorts which is the parent company – Squaw Valley Ski Holdings.

In addition to his work in the hospitality industry, Wirth was named President and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of RASC – The Reno-Tahoe Regional Air Service Corporation. The board is made up of representatives from regional hotel-casino properties, as well as tourism entities. The board is tasked with promoting air service into Reno-Tahoe International Airport, as well as identifying new prospects for additional flights into the area. Wirth believes air service into the area is a necessary component for a thriving, vibrant and growing economy. In 2016, Mr. Wirth was named President and Chairman of RASC.

Mr. Wirth earned a Bachelor of Science degree from Colorado State University and he also attended school in Scotland. Wirth’s early employment opportunities included a stint as a back country ranger with the RMNP (Rocky Mountain National Parks) and a wilderness ranger with the SPPWA (San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area.). As a fire fighter, Wirth is a member of the Northern New Mexico based firefighting Hot Shots, dedicated and committed to fighting extreme forest fires.

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There are many people who are using something like Talk Fusion to help their businesses communicate, and Talk Fusion was designed by Bob Reina to make it easy to use. He wanted to be sure that every person who used the system had a chance to get online with video emails and chats, and the plan for the system is much easier for people to get the work done that needs to be done. There are many people who like video email because it is easier than writing up emails all the time, and it is even better for people who are not sure how to get everyone in their office together.

The first and most important thing that people need to is learn how to get everyone in on the same conversation. They will learn a lot about how they can manage their business, and they will also have to be sure that they can talk with as many people on the line as possible. It is very easy for people to talk in the video chats because they have been designed so well, and it is even easier because people will be able to sign in from their own computers.

Talk Fusion is a very basic program, and it works really well because it is a great place to get everyone together. Managing people is a lot easier when they are all on the same page, and it is very easy for people to sing in when they need to. People can easily turn the meeting into a place to get work done, and you will learn how to keep the team together. That is much better than forcing people to all work in the same office, and they can all work together no matter how far apart they are.

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Doug Levitt is not the typical artist. Concerned with the path that America has taken, Doug has been traveling by bus for more than seven years and 70,000 miles to talk to the average American. Doug collected stories from fellow bus passengers. Stories of struggle and hope that currently make up the American public.

Mr. Levitt equates his project, aptly named The Greyhound Diaries, to the US government’s Works Progress Administration (WPA) efforts of the 1930s. The WPA would send officials out to talk to the American population and get a sense of where American citizens stood after national crisis.

This is what Doug Levitt does, he talks to the American public, takes their picture, and writes songs based on his experiences while criss- crossing the country in a bus. Doug has compiled every experience into the Greyhound Diaries in hopes of bringing awareness to others of the plight most Americans face following the downswing in the nation’s economy.

In a way this is not much different than Mr. Levitt’s previous position as an American foreign correspondent based in London. Doug has worked for many different networks, including: ABC, NBC, and CNN. Politics was in Mr. Levitt’s blood from an early age as Doug grew up in the nation’s political backyard, Washington, D. C. with his mother former D.C. Councilmember Carol Schwartz.

While fulfilling his duties as a foreign correspondent, Doug saw the poverty levels rise back in the United States and wanted to make a change and bring awareness of the struggles of many Americans. So Doug quit his job and literally hit the open road. After seven plus years of writing and recording, Doug is out to make a difference through his art.

Greyhound Diaries are available as an Ep and a book and is worth a listen and a read. Doug’s adventures can be followed online and he does perform across the country, reliving his experiences for others with a message of hope.

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The recent appointment of Ken Goodgame as True Value Hardware Corporation’s chief merchandising officer and vice president was well received. This is because Goodgame has managed to distinguish himself as a trusted industry leader in the course of his career. For over 30 years, he has made a name for himself in the field of marketing. True Value stands to benefit greatly from the extensive experience of the University of Tennessee alumnus.

Goodgame’s success is pegged on his excellent team-building skills, which have enabled him to build strong marketing teams. This has been the hallmark of his career. Ken ranks among corporate executives who use their learned marketing, merchandising and financial management skills to establish resilient business structures. However, his standout attribute is his ability to design marketing strategies that lead to overall business growth. Kenneth Goodgame has similarly stood out as a visionary and dependable leader.

Mr. Goodgame’s Rise in the Corporate World

Ken has had the opportunity to hold senior roles at prominent American corporations. His stints at the firms have coincided with massive success. Home Depot Atlanta, Techtronic Industries North America, and Ace Hardware Corporation are some of the firms that Goodgame has worked for during his illustrious career. He started at Home Depot, where he worked as a Senior Global Product Merchant between 2001 and 2002. While working at the retail firm, he helped it increase sales to over 55 million dollars. He equally played a pivotal role in the sale of Toro Snow Equipment.

Ken worked at Techtronic Industries from 2008 to 2010. He served two of the firm’s subsidiaries, Direct Foods Factory and Baja Motorsports. He helped Direct Foods to become a profitable venture after a long loss-making streak. He similarly helped Baja Motorsports to gain a niche in the profitable industry while serving as its president and general manager. In 2010, Mr. Goodgame was employed at Illinois-based Ace Hardware Corporation as the Chief Merchandising Officer. During his three-year stint, the firm registered an impressive growth in sales revenues. Its annual store opening also increased by 300 percent. At True Value, his role is the formulation of marketing campaigns aimed at improving the company’s client base.

Raj Fernando believes that Chicago offers the ideal business platform which starts up businesses should take advantage to grow. Chicago has a real business ecosystem of differentiated industries that requires one another to generate more revenue.

It is through this opportunity that Raj Fernando stepped out of his career as an established bond trader in Chicago Mercantile Exchange and Chicago Board of Trade to start his first company Chopper Trading is 2002.

As the CEO and Founder of Chopper Trading, he was in charge of the company’s trading, communications, employee selection and other activities that are vital for a start-up company to compete against its established business rivals in the financial market.

During his management in Chopper Trading, he exhibited his exceptional skills in management. During his tenure, Chopper Trading marked a historical growth from a startup to a leading company within ten years.

The company’s employees were ranked as the most robust and professional team in Chicago’s financial market. For this reason, Chopper Trading served leading clients like LSE, ICE, CME and Cantor Fitzgerald-espeed. Raj understood the unique skills of each employee. He encouraged his employees to help each other while giving out services.

After their regular activities, Chopper Trading employees were given an opportunity to exercise and participate in various sporting activities like chess, soccer, table tennis, poker, and baseball. In other times, the company sponsored their employees with tickets to watch favorite teams like Blackhawks, Cubs, and Bulls.

The practices improved employee productivity and modified the company’s working environment into one that most employees preferred. Different from other businesses, which faced high employee turnovers, Chopper Trading workers, left their career after retiring.

To date, Chopper Trading Chess team and Soccer teams rank amongst the best in the Chicago league. In. 2015, Raj sold his company to DRW Trading Group. Afterward, he launched a new Startup, Scouthead that offered to communicate technology services to its clients.

Away from his regular duties, Raj supports various organizations in Chicago and the United States working to improve the living standards of people. Some of the organizations he supports includes Holocaust Museum, Steppenwolf Theatre and Chicago symphony orchestra group.

Technology and business are areas that are evolving rapidly and this represents a new era that is threatening to wipe away those businesses that cling to traditional concepts of management. Eric Pulier, as a successful entrepreneur, author and technologist has reviewed these issues in most of his publications and he is confident that the world of today demands that one should move with the drift if they want to survive in the business world.

His projects have sought to offer easy solutions to complex problems in the world and he has recorded massive success in whatever attempts he has made to improve the way people interact. His achievements cannot be reviewed without the mention of the position he has held in philanthropy.

He supports several organizations and has also gone to the extent of designing programs that have worked to make the lives of those battling certain illnesses better. Eric believes economic advancement is not sufficient if social flaws are not addressed and this is the reason he has been a strong champion for projects meant to improve the lives of people across the world.

Government projects
Due to his proven skills, Eric has won contracts in the government. He has been working on many projects since his 1997 presentation at the presidential inauguration. Pulier was among the few professionals who were selected to implement the presidential technology exhibition in the 1997 second inauguration of Bush and Gore.

The presentation was massive and marked the most important part of the event. Eric Pulier offered a creative approach that allowed him to sequentially offer the details about specialties in the government. Towards the end, he enabled live interaction with astronauts based in the space shuttle.

Understanding Enterprise SOA
Understanding Enterprise SOA is a book that Eric Pulier wrote in 2005 that addresses entrepreneurs and technology. In this publication, Eric Pulier tries to paint a picture of how modern business and technology are interdependent and answers questions through real-life examples of successful companies in the business world. He explains the importance of enterprise SOA and highlights what it would take to achieve it.

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James Dondero is a Dallas-based Certified Management Accountant serving as the co-founder and the president of Highland Capital Management. He began his career as an investment advisor back in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty Training Program. He worked for the organization for over 30 years as an investment advisor before shifting to credit and equity marketer. As a CMA, Dondero is allowed to use the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Mr. James Dondero is a charitable giver and is very active in supporting education and health initiatives.

Apart from Highland Capital, Mr. Dondero is the president of Nexbank, Cornerstone Healthcare, and CCS Medical. He also worked as the chief investment officer between 1989 and 1983 and contributed to the buildup of GIC. During his time at American Express, James Dondero worked as a corporate bond analyst and later as the Portfolio Manager.

When the annual philanthropic budget grew to over $3 million, Dondero was compelled to search for a management partner. Consequently, He chose Mary Jalonick, the President, and CEO of the Dallas Foundation. Dallas Foundation has contributed immensely towards the success of the non-profit community in North Texas. While working together, Dondero and Jalonick established Highland Dallas Foundation Inc. They formed Highland Dallas Foundation Inc., to support its sister foundation, The Dallas Foundation. The core value of Dallas Foundation is to inspire and support the charitable organizations financially. Apart from philanthropic support to the education and healthcare sectors, Dondero has also engaged in several civic organizations. Just to mention a few, the Dallas Zoo, the Perot Museum and the Bush Presidential Library.

The appointment of Linda Owen

Just recently, Linda Owen, the former president and CEO of Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation was hired to help Dallas Highland Foundation Inc., connect to Jim’s vision as a strategic move to improve the quality of life in North Texas. Linda’s appointment was made by Jim and The Dallas Foundation. Dondero’s contribution to the growth of non-profit organizations in North Texas has been significant in helping increase annual funds needed to improve the living standards.

The quality of staff that a company has determines the services and products it offers its clients. In turn, a company’s offing establishes whether it will succeed in the industry or not. To make their recruitment processes stress free and still get highly qualified employees, companies are turning to staffing companies. One of the enterprises that are providing staffing services is Diversant LLC.

Diversant LLC was founded six years ago. Today, the company enjoys an excellent market penetration. This has been made possible by its IT staffing services that make it possible for IT firms to hire employees on contract, contingent or permanent basis. In addition, Diversant zeroes in on ensuring that its services satisfy the utility of its clients, consultants and partners.

When offering its services, Diversant pays more attention to diversity. The company believes that IT companies having a diverse workforce have the ability to perform better compared to others. Diversant is a good example of companies that have higher productivity and profitability margins because of embracing diversity. The company’s broad workforce comes from various backgrounds. To this end, Diversant ranks as the largest African-American owned firm that provides IT staffing and solution in the United States. This information was originally mentioned on Diversant’s website as provided in the following link http://www.diversant.com/about-us/leadership-advisory-board/

By virtue of being a fully certified Minority Business Enterprise, Diversant does not only enhance diversity at the workplace, but also in its supply chain. It uses its experience in managing diversity to provide its clients with the ideal solutions to their individual needs. The company also enjoys quality leadership from its experienced executives such as John Goullet and Gene Waddy.

John Goullet is an American entrepreneur and executive. He founded Info Technologies Inc, a staffing company, in 1994. The alumni of Ursinus College used his previous experience in the staffing industry to grow the business. In 2010, his Info Technologies merged with Gene Waddy’s Diversant Company to form Diversant LLC. He has been serving as the Chairman of the new firm. Before the merger, Info Technologies Inc had been ranked number 8 on the list of the fastest-growing companies in the United States. At the time, Info Technologies was valued at more than $30 million. This information was originally reported on LinkedIn as explained in this link https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-goullet-9022693

Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an agricultural business person and a politician from Venezuela. He was at one time the president of FEDECAMARAS and currently serves as the deputy of the National Assembly. Mr. Jose Manuel Gonzalez is an experienced politician having worked in public service in two different areas. Gonzalez major success is in business, but his contribution to politics is considered paramount by many in Venezuela.

Mr. Gonzalez understands the poor state of agriculture in Venezuela and has been using his position to improve the situation. The country produces over 700, 000 tons of corn and rice but due to lack of enough foreign exchange and import laws the farmers end up losing a lot of revenue in the process.


With Mr. Gonzalez in the assembly, the farmers of Venezuela will benefit as he is involved in the agricultural sector. Gonzalez says that politics in the nation of Venezuela should not be controlled by the jurisdiction of the politicians. Gonzalez has been successful in the agriculture sector and believes that it as his job to oversee the agricultural reforms in Venezuela. Regulating importation of other produce from other countries will help the farmers leap from the roller coaster they are currently.


Indeed, Mr. Gonzalez has not had it easy serving as the deputy of the assembly. Jose Gonzalez says the government is the main culprit. He is, however, determined with lots of passion for serving the people. Many Venezuelans view Gonzalez as the politician they need. He has advocated for better management of the government and says healthier systems should be in place.


Jose Manuel Gonzalez hopes to fulfill the wish of the people and help unit the government for the people can benefit. Gonzalez appreciates honesty and according to him the people of Venezuela should never be overlooked. Gonzalez believes impunity and poor economic policies as a way to only benefit a few individuals at the expense of the majority.


Consistency in conviction and coherence is what Mr. Gonzalez expect from a government. The core values to respect of property and refusal to accept warlord like behaviors. Venezuela does not need a messiah neither do they need rhetoric but a politician that acts.