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Sanjay Shah – Owner and Founder Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah – Owner and Founder Of Solo Capital

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of a very popular and successful investment firm called Solo Capital. He started the firm in September 2011 after quitting his successful accounting job. He grew tired of the everyday hustle and the commute and decided to start his own company. After successfully owning and operating other companies throughout his career, he felt well suited to venture into the investment area of business. Solo Capital is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that has grown immensely throughout the years. With the successful business starting in 2011 and building a net worth into the millions by early 2016, Shah has been able to fully retire and pursue a desire for a charity even for autism.

He wasn’t always involved in the accounting and financial industry. In fact, he wanted to become a doctor and began to attend pre-med school at King’s College. He moved with his family from Kenya to Central London so he could do just that, and found that it wasn’t a fit for him. He changed his major to accounting and finances, and now looking back, he can rest assured that he’s glad he did. The success of his company has changed his financial standings, and he has been able to retire and really focus on a charity he started called Autism Rocks.

He launched the charity in 2014. He spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how he wanted to help. After a luncheon with his long-time friend, Snoop Dogg, who convinced him to get back into the music industry, started the event. Autism Rocks is a charity concert event that helps raise money to aid in awareness and development. His son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was only two years old, but they were able to catch it really soon, which is important for this diagnosis. Shah understands how hard it is to relate to the condition and hard to understand. He hopes with the charity they can raise enough money to help those in need, and to also help those better understand the condition.


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