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For any corporations, government, or individuals seeking assistants in raising capital, Investment Banking is a popular route. Unlike retail and commercial banks; investment banking doesn’t accept deposits and are more focused on Trading, Market Making, Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). In other word, (Inv-Banking)deals with making large amounts of money, but this is where greed overwrites ethics.

U.S. Federal Court Issues Temporary Restraining Order Against Laidlaw & Company And Its Principals Matthew Eitner And James Ahern

Case-In-Point: Laidlaw & Company is a powerhouse in this field and has been around for over 170 years. The company focuses on corporate entrepreneurs, private clients, institutions, domestic and international companies with a huge network of offices in Europe and the U.S. The company has a “think outside the box” mentality which makes it a powerhouse on a global scale. Being this successful in-terms of financial gain and prominence tends to corrupt some people just like in the movie “Wolf of Wall Street.” Two executive members of Laidlaw & Company’s team personified similar acts of that movie. An associative injunction and temporary restraining order was placed against L&C’s James Ahern and Matthew Eitner. The executives were disseminating false and misleading proxy materials stated by Nevada’s District Court. Here is where the corruption gets deeper.

Relmada Therapeutics; a success clinical-stage development company filed the suit against Laidlaw for trying to take control of their company. Throughout the years customer complaints, monetary penalties, and regulatory sanctions have been filed against the powerful investment banking firm. You have to ask yourself this question; why would I/You do business with a firm with a repeated history for violating U.S. financial regulations. Relmada isn’t publicly updating, but the 2015 proxy case can be found here http://www.sec.gov It goes to show that partnerships or friendships can be ruined when doing business with unethical and greedy people.

Stephen Murray was one of those rare individuals that always stayed humble, even when he had great success. He never let things get to his head and he was always the same person. That is the true test of any man or woman for that matter.

How do they handle success? Do they change? Do they same the stay? Or do they let it go to their heads? Stephen always remembered everything that helped him get to where he was was in life and always had a kind approach to everyone he encountered. He was the kind of person that you would meet one time, and you would instantly know you met someone special.

Of course, his success came as the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital. These were job responsibilities he took incredibly seriously and he never wavered in them. As president, he knew that people would look to him for guidance, advice, and support.

He was always willing to offer it whenever it was needed. He remembered when he was in the same position and he needed someone to show him the way. Stephen Murray had one of those memories where he never forgot where he came from and the people that helped him out. Learn more about Stephen Murray CCMP Capital: http://nypost.com/2015/03/13/ccmps-murray-dead-at-52/

Because of this, he knew he needed to be a calm yet in control leader. As I mentioned, people look to you and they want to know how you are going to handle it. Will you crumble under the pressure or will you succeed? Stephen Murray CCMP Capital always succeed and always came out on top, no matter what obstacle was put in his way.

That is why he was successful and had such longevity in his career. He didn’t look at roadblocks as a negative. He would take the time to look for the right and proper way to handle it.

In the end, his legacy is the type of person that he was and what he left behind. However, Stephen Murray wouldn’t people to be sad or mourn his loss.

He would want them to take what they learned from him and use it in their own life. He wanted to be an inspiration and a guiding light of humility, hard work and success. That is how he lived his life from the day he was born all the way until the end. That is the true test of a man and Stephen passed it with flying colors.


I recently read that Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd., a global investment brokerage firm, has run afoul of U.S. financial regulations once again. In December of last year, the U.S. District Court for the District of Nevada granted an injunction and issued a temporary restraining order prohibiting Laidlaw & Co. and its principals, Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, from “continuing to disseminate false and misleading proxy materials.” It appears from the record that Laidlaw is a partial stakeholder in Relmada Therapeutics, Inc. and was attempting to gain effective control (often referred to as a hostile takeover) by disseminating materially false information to stockholders and proxy voters. Sergio Traversa, Chief Executive Officer of Relmada, believes that Laidlaw’s interests are very different from those of the other Relmada stockholders, and he has vowed to continue taking the necessary actions to protect the Company and its interests.

That makes me wonder, why would an investment firm want or need effective control over a pharmaceutical company? For those that don’t know, Relmada Therapeutics is in the pain pill business (think Methadone). Is Laidlaw trying to corner the market on prescription drug users? Not likely, but for an investment company with holdings in everything from insurance, to biotech, to mining, an investment in pain pharmaceuticals is probably a good investment. Still, why would Laidlaw, particularly its principals Matthew Eitner and James Ahern, want decision making authority over the company?

The logical answer is that Laidlaw believes it can make money. Laidlaw must see something in Relmada that makes them think that, if they can win enough votes to get Relmada uplisted on the NASDAQ, or some similar scheme, perhaps a larger biotech company or a larger investment firm will come along and offer Eitner and Ahern a fortune for their controlling share. Laidlaw makes money, a legitimate pharmaceutical business gets tossed around like a pinball, and who really wins? I’ll tell you who doesn’t win, the guy who needs his Methadone.

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There is no guarantee when you call Laidlaw & Company for help, but I got to talk to James Ahern about how I could possibly retire early when I talked to him the first time. He asked me for a target date that I thought I wanted to retire, and I wanted to be sure that the target date that I had was feasible. It was just happy that I could talk to someone who wanted to help me with these plans. It is easy for me to handle these things now that I have a good broker, and I know that Laidlaw & Company is going to help me reach that target date.

They are pushing me to make investments that will make sense, and Matthew Eitner is always on me about things that the thinks will be the most beneficial for me. It really helps me to handle my money, and I am reading my reports with the target date on it that show me that I have a good chance of being successful. I have been able to invest more in these accounts with some confidence because I know that they work well, and I have been able to move up my target date once because of how good Laidlaw & Company is at this.

I am very happy with the results that I am getting from Laidlaw & Company, and I feel good about the fact that they are helping me manage my money in a better way. It makes me feel like I am finally on the right track, and it shows me that anything is possible. I can retire when I want to, and it will happen early because I have been committed to the retirement process with my broker at Laidlaw & Company.



Venezuela is in need of a major change because of the way that it runs itself. The country has been in the news more than once because of the way that services and industry are failing, but there are a lot of things that are still not failing. There are some people who are still running their very successful businesses, and those people would like to have a voice in the government. These people might not want to be President, but they do want to have a chance to help others.

The simplest form of this change comes from people Jose Manuel Gonzalez. He is in the agricultural business, and he wants to have his own voice in government for himself and his employees. He knows that he can help the government get on a new course to prospering, but he has to be allowed to get a head start on changing the country. He can only do so much from his office at his business every day, but he will be able to make a lot of changes if he is given a seat in the new government.

There are a lot of things to work on in Venezuela, and it helps that someone like Jose Manuel Gonzalez has a lot of business experience. He is a very wise man who knows how to keep the country from folding, and he wants to be given the chance to offer his own idea. He has these ideas in operation at his businesses, and that is why he is still working to this day. He just thinks that he can save his home nation if he is given the chance. There is no reason to allow the government to go on the way it is, and that is why Jose Manuel Gonzalez wants to get involved.

Developed by Los Angeles stylist Chaz Dean, Wen cleansing conditioner proposes to change the way that consumers care for their hair. The five-in-one product is designed to replace not only your traditional shampoo and conditioner but also to act as a deep-conditioner, leave-in treatment, and detangler.

Sold exclusively online on Amazon, there are many unique features of this product. It is made without sulfates which can strip your hair of moisture, leaving it dry and damaged. The trade-off is that the product does not lather, which can be disconcerting to new users. Based on the instructions provided on the bottle, the minimum amount recommended per use is 10-16 pumps for short hair, 16-24 pumps for medium-length, and 24-32 pumps for long hair. To put this in perspective, a typical shampoo would require one to two pumps to properly cleanse medium-length hair. Users will apply the product to the roots, pull it through to the ends, and then rinse thoroughly after soaking for several minutes.

Bustle beauty blogger Emily McClure tried Wen cleansing conditioner on her fine hair and reported mixed results. Upon first use, it was immediately noticed that that there was less hair-loss during the washing process. After styling, hair is noticeably shiny, bouncy, and feels clean. Unfortunately, about 24-hours after use the roots become greasy and hair starts to looks stringy. After five days of use, the results continued to be the same. Overall, it was determined that this is a good product for those willing to put the effort into washing and styling on a daily basis. For those who prefer to shower the night before or skip a day between washing, you may wish to keep looking for your miracle product.

Visit the Wen YouTube channel for more details.

You can read Emily’s full review by clicking here: http://www.bustle.com/articles/136320-i-used-cleansing-cleansing-conditioner-on-my-fine-hair-heres-what-happened

Visit the website by clicking here: http://www.wenhaircare.com/


Middle class people who have been left out of investment opportunities created for wealthy elites now have a new opportunity. For a minimum investment of $2,500, the Forefront Income Trust offered by Forefront Capital presents a viable vehicle for diversifying investments and potentially gaining higher returns. The founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, Brad Reifler, chose to develop this fund because he believes that members of the 99 percent deserve more options for building retirement savings.

Reifler gained this outlook after his father-in-law asked him to invest his life savings. He discovered that most of the investments that he wanted to make for him were only for accredited investors. An accredited investor earns such a designation by having at least $1 million in assets outside of a home or earning a minimum of $200,000 a year.

Because 44 percent of middle class people have under $6,000 in savings, they are excluded from many investment opportunities. To correct this situation, Reifler designed the Forefront Income Trust as a public fund that would spread out risks among many investors and increase their chances of earning higher returns.

Reifler pointed out on Twitter that his firm only makes money if his clients achieve at least an 8 percent return. This arrangement naturally aligns his interests with those of his clients. He said this differs from many Wall Street brokers who make their money whether people earn or lose money.

Opportunities could continue to expand for people who are not currently classified as accredited investors. The Investor Advisory Committee has recommend that the Securities and Exchange Commission update its income and net worth requirements that were developed 32 years ago.

Sanjay Shah is the founder and CEO of a very popular and successful investment firm called Solo Capital. He started the firm in September 2011 after quitting his successful accounting job. He grew tired of the everyday hustle and the commute and decided to start his own company. After successfully owning and operating other companies throughout his career, he felt well suited to venture into the investment area of business. Solo Capital is a proprietary trading and consulting firm that has grown immensely throughout the years. With the successful business starting in 2011 and building a net worth into the millions by early 2016, Shah has been able to fully retire and pursue a desire for a charity even for autism.

He wasn’t always involved in the accounting and financial industry. In fact, he wanted to become a doctor and began to attend pre-med school at King’s College. He moved with his family from Kenya to Central London so he could do just that, and found that it wasn’t a fit for him. He changed his major to accounting and finances, and now looking back, he can rest assured that he’s glad he did. The success of his company has changed his financial standings, and he has been able to retire and really focus on a charity he started called Autism Rocks.

He launched the charity in 2014. He spent a good amount of time trying to figure out how he wanted to help. After a luncheon with his long-time friend, Snoop Dogg, who convinced him to get back into the music industry, started the event. Autism Rocks is a charity concert event that helps raise money to aid in awareness and development. His son was diagnosed with autism in 2011 when he was only two years old, but they were able to catch it really soon, which is important for this diagnosis. Shah understands how hard it is to relate to the condition and hard to understand. He hopes with the charity they can raise enough money to help those in need, and to also help those better understand the condition.


Learn more about Sanjay Shah: