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George Soros Trades In Gold for Return to Stock Trading

George Soros Trades In Gold for Return to Stock Trading

After a long pause from the stock market, Economic agitator and Money Mogul Billionaire, George Soros has begun to trade in Gold Stocks. The impending economic collapse of the European Union and other world economies is said to be the motivation behind this maneuver by the money titan. He has been coined as a person who instigates money problems in large proportion in various economies for his own fortune building. If this is possible, George Soros has been described as a promoter of chaos. He has lead the agitation machine, Move On Dot Org as he funds other groups such as Black Lives Matter into disrupting the status quo in the United States. George Soros is the real life Victor Newman of the Young and The Restless, who pays for various subjects and groups to set up scenarios that will make things happen. He works to manipulate economies that he wishes to destabilize for his plans to enrich his monetary empire.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The United States economy has proven to be very resilient as long as Capitalism can survive. If his choice of liberal politicians stay in power in the United States, rather than Constitutionalists such as Ted Cruz and even the rather phony Donald Trump, he will be able to continue to set up a chaotic destabilization of the United States economy. As long as the US Dollar is printed in vast quantities with the method of Quantitative Easing of the Dollar by the United States Treasury, he will likely find a chaotic condition in the world economy as the US Dollar heads toward massive deflation and then inflation and ultimately collapse. China is also buckling under the pressure of the monetary manipulations that have taken place due to the diabolical plans that Soros has set in motion by backing various candidates such as Obama, a socialist in disguise for the majority of American people who fell into a illusory trap by electing the first Black President. Visit opensocietyfoundations.org to know more about George Soros

Soros’ plans can continue to bear fruit as a grassroots effort by the American People to elect Ted Cruz, a Constitutionalist and Capitalist who would have turned the ship around in America to save its flagging economy and also the world economy in the process appears to have been stopped. However, the Trump phenomenon has gotten in the way of those hopes and dreams or has it? There is still a last ditch effort to Dump Trump and put a ‘good’ choice in place for the 60 percent of American People who will not vote for Hillary or Trump and will elect a good candidate to cloud the hopes of the Soros money mogul. If there is not another socialist in place, such as Hillary, by moves to either position Trump as a potential failed candidate on the side of the Republicans, in turn ensuring the election of the next Obama, Hillary, the first woman president, his desires for the manifestation of a destabilized global economy may be derailed or never fructify in his lifetime. But all looks on track as Hillary moves closer to the White House, with Trump, the presumptive nominee, ensuring more malaise in America and good fortunes for Soros.

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