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Danilo Diaz Granados has led a rather successful life up to this point in time. This accomplished individual has worked in the fields of business, real estate, fine arts and hedge funds among many others. The skill set that this individual possesses has allowed for him to experience a great sense of wealth in both monetary and non-monetary calculations. Below we’ll learn a little more about this individual and the successes of his many ventures.

Currently Danilo is an associate at Fireman Capital Partners. As an associate at Fireman Capital, Danilo works with individual companies and businesses to expand their potential. He helps these businesses with practiced insights and advice that allows them to embrace the consumer sector in both retail and online settings. He works with these companies on an individual basis to provide them with the tools they need to grow into larger corporations and experience the full sense of their worth in sales, marketing and overall business production.

In the past Danilo has worked as an accounting advisor for the firm titled Private Equity Investing. As a member of the Private Equity team Danilo became invested in many categories of business and investing strategies. As mentioned previously, his impact on this company was delivered through ventures in real estate, fine arts, hedge funds, energy efficiencies and other such qualified categories. Investment opportunities headlined his workload and he took the time to become knowledgeable in all categories of investment types.

Continuing on diversifying his portfolio, Mr. Granados founded Toys for Boys. This boutique specializes in luxury items and goods that include cars, art, and timepieces. Sticking to his Hispanic heritage, Danilo also founded Edge of Glory Films. He works as the primary production manager and narrows his focus of bringing Hispanic interest films and stories to the United States.  Follow his Vimeo feed for more guidance.

After a long pause from the stock market, Economic agitator and Money Mogul Billionaire, George Soros has begun to trade in Gold Stocks. The impending economic collapse of the European Union and other world economies is said to be the motivation behind this maneuver by the money titan. He has been coined as a person who instigates money problems in large proportion in various economies for his own fortune building. If this is possible, George Soros has been described as a promoter of chaos. He has lead the agitation machine, Move On Dot Org as he funds other groups such as Black Lives Matter into disrupting the status quo in the United States. George Soros is the real life Victor Newman of the Young and The Restless, who pays for various subjects and groups to set up scenarios that will make things happen. He works to manipulate economies that he wishes to destabilize for his plans to enrich his monetary empire.

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A Bearish George Soros Is Trading Again

The United States economy has proven to be very resilient as long as Capitalism can survive. If his choice of liberal politicians stay in power in the United States, rather than Constitutionalists such as Ted Cruz and even the rather phony Donald Trump, he will be able to continue to set up a chaotic destabilization of the United States economy. As long as the US Dollar is printed in vast quantities with the method of Quantitative Easing of the Dollar by the United States Treasury, he will likely find a chaotic condition in the world economy as the US Dollar heads toward massive deflation and then inflation and ultimately collapse. China is also buckling under the pressure of the monetary manipulations that have taken place due to the diabolical plans that Soros has set in motion by backing various candidates such as Obama, a socialist in disguise for the majority of American people who fell into a illusory trap by electing the first Black President. Visit opensocietyfoundations.org to know more about George Soros

Soros’ plans can continue to bear fruit as a grassroots effort by the American People to elect Ted Cruz, a Constitutionalist and Capitalist who would have turned the ship around in America to save its flagging economy and also the world economy in the process appears to have been stopped. However, the Trump phenomenon has gotten in the way of those hopes and dreams or has it? There is still a last ditch effort to Dump Trump and put a ‘good’ choice in place for the 60 percent of American People who will not vote for Hillary or Trump and will elect a good candidate to cloud the hopes of the Soros money mogul. If there is not another socialist in place, such as Hillary, by moves to either position Trump as a potential failed candidate on the side of the Republicans, in turn ensuring the election of the next Obama, Hillary, the first woman president, his desires for the manifestation of a destabilized global economy may be derailed or never fructify in his lifetime. But all looks on track as Hillary moves closer to the White House, with Trump, the presumptive nominee, ensuring more malaise in America and good fortunes for Soros.

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Venezuela’s economic troubles are increasingly leaving the nation isolated from the rest of the world. Recent news reported by Noticias 24 by airlines Lufthansa and LATAM to pull out from the country have just made things worse. The two join a growing list of airlines that have stopped service to Venezuela or significantly curtailed their operations there. Unless the situation improves, it is likely that others will join them.
The reasons why airlines are leaving Venezuela are simple says expert Jose Manuel Gonzalez: an inability to repatriate their revenues and dropping passenger numbers. Venezuela has imposed currency controls in 2003. These controls require companies operating in the South American nation to receive permission from the government before they can exchange the local bolivares for hard currency, such as US dollars. But lately, the country has faced a significant shortage of foreign currency and few such requests have been approved.

According to industry news reports showing data from the International Air Travel Association (IATA), Venezuela tops the list of countries blocking repatriation of airline funds, with nearly $3.8 billion held for 16 months so far.

Another reason that airlines are finding operating in Venezuela unprofitable is the lack of passengers due to the fact that few people can afford to travel at this time. IATA numbers show that passenger numbers for Venezuela’s main airport have been down in the last two years, while other nations in the region, like Peru and Colombia, have seen large increases.

Kate Hudson is gearing up to drop a new line of athleisure clothing that will make it possible to wear these sexy and comfortable outfits to a date. The new line is targeting those consumers who like wearing athleisure with its new line of dresses scheduled to be released on April 1, 2016. The Fabletics co-founder was excited about the new dresses as she spoke to MarieClaire.com about the debut as well as the new line of high performance swimsuits that will be released around mid-April.

Kate Hudson is one of the three co-founders of Fabletics, a popular online subscription retailer selling women’s accessories and sportswear. The other co-founders, Adam Goldenberg and partner Don Ressler, are the owners of Fabletics’ parent company, JustFab. The trio founded the company to serve an unmet market niche comprising of ready consumers looking for sportswear that makes them feel and look sexy.

The products from Fabletics are designed to be stylish yet affordable to a majority of consumers. This has made the brand very popular globally. Since inception in 2013, the company has successfully established itself as a top brand shipping orders to international markets like Australia, Germany, United Kingdom and France. By January 2015, it had shipped over one million orders, launched a men’s clothing line and opened six retail stores in America. 
Source: http://www.fabletics.com/about#our-story

Interview with Marie Claire Magazine

During the interview at http://www.marieclaire.com/fashion/news/a19566/kate-hudson-fabletics-interview/, a number of issues came up including the reason behind the launch of athleisure dresses, wearing these outfits to a date and the comfortable bathing suits produced by Fabletics.

Hudson said that the reason behind its new line of dresses was that it was naturally the way forward for the company as it seeks to meet many of its customers’ wants and needs – with regards to their active lifestyles. She was confident that athleisure outfits could be worn to a date. The aim of the outfits was to make them more accessible by allowing consumers to wear them to the office, dinner, a date or when out with friends for drinks. See: http://www.adweek.com/news/advertising-branding/kate-hudsons-fabletics-made-headlines-its-ad-campaign-bleeped-word-168558

Hudson revealed that the dresses are made of the same material that makes its other sportswear outfits. This makes them comfortable and allows consumers to be active in them. Some of the dresses come with a built-in bra meaning that one does not have to wear an additional one. According to Hudson, the other dresses are made from excellent material that allows everything to be sucked in well thus, they can actually be worn without a bra.

The Fabletics bathing suits are specially designed to allow people to be active in them. This is in line with the mission of the company to promote active lifestyles while still looking sexy doing it. She added that in order to make athleisure high fashion, the cost of the outfits would have to rise.