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My Tips To Get Started On Spring Cleaning

My Tips To Get Started On Spring Cleaning

The spring season has been here for several weeks now, and I am finally ready to get started on my spring cleaning. It takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline to get started on this big cleaning session, and this is why I wanted to share my tips for getting started on spring cleaning.

The first thing I do is think about what motivates me to give my house a good cleaning. A sparkling home is a great reason to clean it from top to bottom. I do not have to worry about my family and friends seeing a mess when I invite them over for a few hours.

The second thing I do is make a checklist of the chores that need to be completed in every room so I am more organized. One example is writing out a checklist for the kitchen, and the tasks include wiping down the counter, cleaning the microwave and deodorizing the garbage disposal.

There are some tasks I can take care of myself, but it would take me days to clean the entire house on my own. This is why I usually hire a professional cleaner using Handy. The cleaner is experienced, insured and always on time for the appointment. Handy offers next-day availability so I can book the home service at the last minute.

It is so easy to book a professional cleaner, painter, plumber or electrician using Handy. I select the date, time and rooms that need to be cleaned, and then all I have to do is wait for Handy to confirm my appointment. I can manage the appointment and pay for the service right online. A professional cleaner shows up with their own supplies on the day of the session. The professional only cleans the rooms I selected when I made the appointment.

Spring cleaning is not my favorite chore in the world, but it is a chore that needs to be completed efficiently if I want my home to shine. I do not dread it as much now that I have Handy to send a professional cleaner when I need one.