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Why George Manson University? Charles Koch Heavy Sponsorship Brews Controversy!

Why George Manson University? Charles Koch Heavy Sponsorship Brews Controversy!

While it’s not untoward for billionaire philanthropists to sponsor educational institutions, some tension stems from the culture. In fact, Petrochemical powerhouse CEO, Charles Koch has become the latest victim of backlash from academic circles. The masses question his generosity as he’s constantly pumped sizable contributions into a particular public school. This introspection stems from his long-standing alliance with prominent university George Mason.

Koch Industries CEO has supported different educational institutions across the region, Florida State included. Tax records revealed that CKF (Charles Koch Foundation) sponsored GMU with almost $48 million during the period 2011-2014. In fact, his annual contribution to U.S. universities amounts to $20 million. GMU is one of the few schools that Charles Koch sponsors heavily. The conservative Republican supporter reassured education circles at large, that his donations attract no conditions. It’s come to light that billionaires sponsoring organizations and educational institutions today, do so, expecting certain privileges. CK Foundations strongly argued their motives in supporting educational endeavors, insisting that sponsorships come without preconditions.

Nike Inc. has been openly criticized for contributing $400 million to top-level U.S. university Stanford. While it’s raised some amount of speculation, Republican party crusader, Nike Inc. co-founding father Phil Knight has no regrets. This isn’t Koch Industries first account having pumped funds in a single university. GMU received some $44.6 million in 2013, of which, CK Foundations contributed a handsome amount of $16.8 million. Chiefly, it funds GMU ongoing IHS (Institute for Humane Studies) programs and academic causes at large. The interest of mobilizing the university’s IHS division is certainly an agenda, but Charles envisions a higher purpose. The IHS libertarian focuses on libertarian philosophies, which are ideologies the Kochs share. The history he has with the university is profound and enduring. In fact, Charles association with GMU dates back to 1972 with an army of business associates. As a Mercatus board representative and IHS chairman, Charles Koch’s interest in development comes as a natural desire.

Kansas native, Charles Koch promotes free-market organizations focused on educational diversification. A cultured American business mogul, philanthropist, and liberal, Charles operates Koch Industries with younger brother David. Infamously known for his associations with prominent U.S. universities, including George Manson and Republican politics. An MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduate with a specialization in mechanical and chemical engineering, Charles holds dual Master’s and a Bachelor’s. A father of two, Charles Koch resides with his children and wonderful wife Elizabeth. Charles has received various accolades such as the Free Enterprise Award, GMU Dr.Sc., Wichita City Medallion, Defender of Justice (2011), William E. Simon Prize Philanthropic Leadership (2011) and more.