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Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison

The 2008 recession put some fear back in the markets – but financial professionals like Helane Morrison are turning things around. Morrison started in journalism and then worked for the government. Investors needed protection from market downturns and dealings and Morrison has been savvy. With the election 2016 approaching Morrison has the skills to help.

Securities laws can help the market. Morrison was educated at Northwestern University and was a qualified journalist, and then got a law degree from the University of California. She was a law clerk and then worked in business litigation. She worked with the securities laws and found this was a part of her practice and job. She did a good job with corporate and then worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission after the government hired her.

She was head of enforcement and did some good work. She worked on fraud cases and did cases with Google, HBO and others. She handled audit cases and developed some skills. She really did some very good work. She was into new aspects of work and has now been looking at equality in the work place.

Later on she joined investment firm Hall Capital and advised investors- the firm is very ethical and she joined for this reason. The firm focuses on investor protection and has made this a key aspect. These way investors can know that they have protected investments and assets. Morrison has been key for implementing ways this can work and is in the processing of making Hall Capital bigger and better. She has brought her experience to the firm and can protect assets.