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The road to successful entrepreneurship is stormy and full of constraints; however, talking about entrepreneurs who have navigated through a rough terrain to excel in the unpredictable field of entrepreneurship, Marck Sparks is the name that comes to mind. He is among global outstanding entrepreneurs whose appetite for investment has made him achieve incredible success. In a Disqus post, it was found out that Marck Sparks is a prominent business person, venture capitalist, and entrepreneur. He is based in Dallas and Texas in the United States.

Marck Sparks is founder and owner of many successful business enterprises in the US. Since the beginning of his career in the early 70s after graduating from high school in Austin Texas, he has formed and managed over 60 business ventures. He is the founder, owner, and the CEO of Timber Creek Capital Limited; this is a private equity firm. Primarily, Marc Sparks is involved in the telecommunication industry and has invested heavily in an extensive range of businesses in this field. He was a key figure in the development of splash media, blue jay wireless, and Cardinal Telecom – http://www.amazon.com/They-Cant-Eat-Marc-Sparks/dp/0990495000.

Other than being an experienced businessman, Marck has several other hobbies; he manages his leisure time well in engaging in outdoor sporting activities, adventure and excursion. Some of his favorite activities include: hunting, fishing, hiking biking, golf and outdoor working.

Also, he has traveled and explored the world a great deal. He is reported to have traveled the world in 23 days to some of the most exotic destinations like Easter Island, Machu, Picchu, Angkor Wat, Morocco, Tibet, China, India, and Serengeti. He derives a lot of pleasure from traveling and considers it entrepreneurs learning moment.

A Facebook post siad that in his effort to make the world a better place, Marck Sparks has displayed exceptional philanthropic efforts in Dallas. He has been providing initial capital to many upcoming young talented entrepreneurs in way of motivating and supporting them. Also, he sits on the Financial Advisory Board of The Samaritan Inn and provides financial aid; this is a charity organization in Collin County Texas that provides basic needs to many individuals. Additionally, he is a financial supporter and Academy Development Council member for America! Can Academy, a notable high school providing education to over 8000 needy students each year. He founded Sparky’s Kids foundation that provides free new Dell computers to many of deserving kids and many charity organizations in an attempt to improve education. Other charities he has supported include Highland Park United Methodist Church, Carpenters for Christ, habitat for humanity and care.

Marck Sparks is equally an author; he has written a book entitled They can’t Eat You. In this book he encourages and advices entrepreneurs not to be afraid to follow their dream in pursuit of entrepreneurial excellence. In this book, he shares his challenges he encountered in trying to establish a business successful venture. He dedicates his book to entrepreneurs who are losing hope in their quest for success.

Marck Sparks is certainly an admirable character, an individual who has achieved much in the field of venture capitalism and numerous business investments. He has been a mentor to great and successful entrepreneurs. He has been a source of inspiration to many vulnerable faces in a way of giving back to the society. He has supported education, shelter, nature conservation, various religious institution and many other charities. His book has changed the perspective of many prospective entrepreneurs.

Billionaire financier George Soros is not as impressed as some are with the rapid growth of the Chinese economy. He said recently, in a speech to the Asia Society in New York, that there are a lot of things similar with the Chinese economy now, and the U.S. economy in 2007 when credit markets stalled and created a global recession.

Soros made his fortune in international finance on bloomberg.com, so most people thinks he knows what he is talking about when it comes to the economy.

March figures showed the Chinese economy is worth 2.34 trillion Yuan on https://twitter.com/georgesoros?lang=en, which was almost double the predicted 1.4 trillion. Soros said the growth is fueled by debt, and he said the Chinese government has put growth ahead of mounting debt, and that is a bad sign of things to come. He said the growth cannot be sustained as it is, and is predicting it will have a hard landing just as the United States economy did in 2008.

George Soros said banks they are doing the same things U.S. banks were doing in 2007 that led to the recession. They are lending money to cover other debt and keep poor businesses going, instead of making investments that will last.

The Chinese government has run editorials in state newspapers responding to his remarks. Chinese economists on marketwatch.com say their economy is growing in key areas and that concerns like those voiced by Soros are exaggerated. They also say Soros has made predictions like this before and they stand behind their economy.

Soros has indeed made similar predictions before, but his $24 billion fortune shows that he often knows what George Soros is talking about. He once made $1 billion off an investment in the British pound in 1992, after predicting the British government was going to have to devalue the pound.

George Soros was born in Hungary, and grew up under Nazi occupation. He studied at the London school of Economics, and then went to the USA in the early 1950s. He started a hedge fund and an international finance company that was an immediate success. His hedge fund saw about a 20 percent annual increase in value each year for about 30 years.

Soros is also heavily involved in social issues and politics, especially on the liberal side.

The spring season has been here for several weeks now, and I am finally ready to get started on my spring cleaning. It takes a lot of motivation and self-discipline to get started on this big cleaning session, and this is why I wanted to share my tips for getting started on spring cleaning.

The first thing I do is think about what motivates me to give my house a good cleaning. A sparkling home is a great reason to clean it from top to bottom. I do not have to worry about my family and friends seeing a mess when I invite them over for a few hours.

The second thing I do is make a checklist of the chores that need to be completed in every room so I am more organized. One example is writing out a checklist for the kitchen, and the tasks include wiping down the counter, cleaning the microwave and deodorizing the garbage disposal.

There are some tasks I can take care of myself, but it would take me days to clean the entire house on my own. This is why I usually hire a professional cleaner using Handy. The cleaner is experienced, insured and always on time for the appointment. Handy offers next-day availability so I can book the home service at the last minute.

It is so easy to book a professional cleaner, painter, plumber or electrician using Handy. I select the date, time and rooms that need to be cleaned, and then all I have to do is wait for Handy to confirm my appointment. I can manage the appointment and pay for the service right online. A professional cleaner shows up with their own supplies on the day of the session. The professional only cleans the rooms I selected when I made the appointment.

Spring cleaning is not my favorite chore in the world, but it is a chore that needs to be completed efficiently if I want my home to shine. I do not dread it as much now that I have Handy to send a professional cleaner when I need one.

There is a new hope for the young and talented students in the uncommon schools to pursue their college education. This new hope is brought about by the recently launched Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement. This scholarship program is funded by Dynamics Search Partners boss, Keith Mann. During its launch, this search markets specialist and business mogul said that his scholarship is aimed at opening up new opportunities for the young and talented minds in the Uncommon Schools. He further stated that he is motivated to give these young leaders hope for a better tomorrow through his scholarship. He says that he realized that the young minds have a great potential of becoming creative and innovative leaders in the future business markets. He says that he wants to help them unlock this potential.

The Keith and Keely Mann Scholarship for Professional Achievement will be given to each year’s top graduating senior student. This will allow the top senior students from the Uncommon Schools, to pursue their for year college education program without any financial constraints. The Uncommon Schools is a New York Based non-profit educational institutions that operate under charter management. The management of this school that is located in Brooklyn came forward to thank Keith Mann for his efforts of promoting education in young minds that are next generation’s hope. It further stated that this scholarship will promote education standards in their students as it will act as a motivation factor.

Keith Mann is an executive search and hedge fund industries specialists. He has been working in the compensation sector of the hedge fund industry for over 15 years. He is currently working at his Dynamic Search Partners as its CEO and president. His firm, DSP is a top market search firm that provides alternative investment firms with market business solutions. During his time in the business sector, Keith Mann has managed to record numerous successes in the alternative search industry. As the CEO of Dynamic Search Partners, he has managed to foster the growth of this firm in markets like America, Europe, and Asia. Currently, DSP is ranked among the best providers of search services to the alternative investment market.

Source: http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/dynamics-search-partners-launches-partnership-with-uncommon-schools-in-nyc-226729301.html

Spring has Sprung! It is finally that time of year again, and with it comes the annual task of spring cleaning! Spring cleaning is just the thing to breathe life back into your home, and spring cleaning is said to even have amazing psychological benefits for both you and your family. Only if you can find the time, right? There never seems to be enough time in today’s busy and demanding world. Luckily, technology has been created to make the demanding day-to-day life a little less hectic by bringing customers online and mobile applications that can deliver almost anything one might need. From groceries to a handyman, consumers can shop and purchase directly from their smart phones.

Handy Home Cleaning Services has expanded on that idea, and launched an online service that allows consumers to order and purchase cleaning services! Yes, they will send professionals over to take care of that long list of spring cleaning chores! In 60 seconds you can schedule a cleaning service with one of Handy’s experienced cleaning professionals, and Handy guarantees your home will be serviced by a friendly and back-ground checked professional. Handy Home Cleaning Services even offer customers a 100% money back guarantee if customer satisfaction is not met by their cleaning professional. Handy makes the online ordering process even easier by offering customers an downloadable smart phone app that allows customers to book appointments, manage scheduling requests, and even pay for the services! Spring cleaning is done in less than 60 seconds with just the click of a button. Download the Handy Home Cleaning Services app today, and breathe a sign of relief when your spring cleaning is complete!

While it’s not untoward for billionaire philanthropists to sponsor educational institutions, some tension stems from the culture. In fact, Petrochemical powerhouse CEO, Charles Koch has become the latest victim of backlash from academic circles. The masses question his generosity as he’s constantly pumped sizable contributions into a particular public school. This introspection stems from his long-standing alliance with prominent university George Mason.

Koch Industries CEO has supported different educational institutions across the region, Florida State included. Tax records revealed that CKF (Charles Koch Foundation) sponsored GMU with almost $48 million during the period 2011-2014. In fact, his annual contribution to U.S. universities amounts to $20 million. GMU is one of the few schools that Charles Koch sponsors heavily. The conservative Republican supporter reassured education circles at large, that his donations attract no conditions. It’s come to light that billionaires sponsoring organizations and educational institutions today, do so, expecting certain privileges. CK Foundations strongly argued their motives in supporting educational endeavors, insisting that sponsorships come without preconditions.

Nike Inc. has been openly criticized for contributing $400 million to top-level U.S. university Stanford. While it’s raised some amount of speculation, Republican party crusader, Nike Inc. co-founding father Phil Knight has no regrets. This isn’t Koch Industries first account having pumped funds in a single university. GMU received some $44.6 million in 2013, of which, CK Foundations contributed a handsome amount of $16.8 million. Chiefly, it funds GMU ongoing IHS (Institute for Humane Studies) programs and academic causes at large. The interest of mobilizing the university’s IHS division is certainly an agenda, but Charles envisions a higher purpose. The IHS libertarian focuses on libertarian philosophies, which are ideologies the Kochs share. The history he has with the university is profound and enduring. In fact, Charles association with GMU dates back to 1972 with an army of business associates. As a Mercatus board representative and IHS chairman, Charles Koch’s interest in development comes as a natural desire.

Kansas native, Charles Koch promotes free-market organizations focused on educational diversification. A cultured American business mogul, philanthropist, and liberal, Charles operates Koch Industries with younger brother David. Infamously known for his associations with prominent U.S. universities, including George Manson and Republican politics. An MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) graduate with a specialization in mechanical and chemical engineering, Charles holds dual Master’s and a Bachelor’s. A father of two, Charles Koch resides with his children and wonderful wife Elizabeth. Charles has received various accolades such as the Free Enterprise Award, GMU Dr.Sc., Wichita City Medallion, Defender of Justice (2011), William E. Simon Prize Philanthropic Leadership (2011) and more.

The 2008 recession put some fear back in the markets – but financial professionals like Helane Morrison are turning things around. Morrison started in journalism and then worked for the government. Investors needed protection from market downturns and dealings and Morrison has been savvy. With the election 2016 approaching Morrison has the skills to help.

Securities laws can help the market. Morrison was educated at Northwestern University and was a qualified journalist, and then got a law degree from the University of California. She was a law clerk and then worked in business litigation. She worked with the securities laws and found this was a part of her practice and job. She did a good job with corporate and then worked for the Securities and Exchange Commission after the government hired her.

She was head of enforcement and did some good work. She worked on fraud cases and did cases with Google, HBO and others. She handled audit cases and developed some skills. She really did some very good work. She was into new aspects of work and has now been looking at equality in the work place.

Later on she joined investment firm Hall Capital and advised investors- the firm is very ethical and she joined for this reason. The firm focuses on investor protection and has made this a key aspect. These way investors can know that they have protected investments and assets. Morrison has been key for implementing ways this can work and is in the processing of making Hall Capital bigger and better. She has brought her experience to the firm and can protect assets.

Queens of Drama is a reality series that documents former soap opera stars as they pursue the opportunity to develop a new series. Crystal Hunt is one of the leading ladies on the show. On the reality series she plays a version of herself that has remnants of previous soap characters she has depicted. Most notably, Stacy Morasco, the character she played from ABC’s One Life to Live. Hunt has been with the show for both of it’s seasons on air. Throughout the series she brings her soap star experience and real-life small business owner skills to the table. Hunt’s role in the series contributes to the goals that the group is trying to meet collectively.

SoapOperaNetwork shows Hunt has extensive experience in the performance world with a special concentration in soap operas. She got her start in pageants at the young age of two. From that point forward she began acting in a variety of different roles. In 2003 she entered the daytime soap opera realm. Her first role was Lizzie Spaulding on CBS’s Guiding Light. This role lasted until 2006. In 2009, she began her role as Stacy Morasco, a Las Vegas exotic dancer, and remained in this role for four years until 2012.

Morasco is a troubled character that follows her sister back home to steal her romantic partner away. Since her soap opera actress days Hunt has appeared in major motion pictures, such as, Magic Mike.
Hunt couldn’t stay away from the soap world forever though. Daytime television is the Hollywood realm she is rooted in and for good reason. The YouTube reels make it clear Hunt is highly skilled in this area and knows the “ins and outs” of a good soap opera. For these reasons, she has returned to the soap opera business in hopes to saving a dying art. As many soap operas fade away, Crystal Hunt and her comrades hope to bring a new surge of energy to the soap opera genre. A revival, if you will. Hunt partners with other talented and notable soap opera actresses in Queens of Drama, including Lindsay Hartley, Vanessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharris, Hunter Tylo, and Donna Mills. Soap fan or not, you won’t want to miss out on this all-star cast as they endeavor down a path previously untraveled!