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Sergio Cortes Evaluates Medical Response to Flood Stricken areas in Brazilian-based

Sergio Cortes Evaluates Medical Response to Flood Stricken areas in Brazilian-based

The nation of Brazil was hit hard by flooding that took place in the months of November and December of 2015 and in January of 2016. The hardest hit regions were Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. When the flood happened people who live along the border areas of Rio Grande Du Sol and Parana were severely impacted by this natural disaster. The river systems that is connected to these three nations substantially increased in volume. This in turn caused thousands of locals to flee the flood zones. Many of the rivers that lie along the border regions of Brazil are prone to yearly flooding.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is Brazil’s State Secretary of Health. He has been visiting hospitals, relief and medical facilities in the region. The southern areas of Brazil was not the only regions impacted by flooding. Rising water was also a problem in places such as Xerem which is outside of Rio De Janeiro and in the northern state of Ceara.

Dr. Cortes wanted to ensure that medical facilities had adequate space and resources to handle the crisis. Since there is a Zika epidemic and the increased risk of contracting dengue fever; Dr. Cortes wants to ensure that the medical personnel and infrastructure is prepared to deal with this problem. It is a known fact that diseases have a tendency to grow rampart within a region that has been affected by a flood. The reason why this happens is because there is no basic sanitation and lack of hygiene.

Medical personnel in these areas are making sure that they have plenty of medical supplies, staff and room to handle the thousands of displaced people that will need the care. Medical teams from different parts of Brazil are also descending into the affected areas. Their effort helps to ensure that there is enough staff on hand to meet the demands of the people in need. Dr. Cortes is doing his best to ensure that people are staying healthy and free from disease. You can find out more about Dr. Cortes efforts in an article by Extra. People can also follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter.

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