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Jon Urbana’s Incredible Local Volunteer Work and Hobbies

Jon Urbana’s Incredible Local Volunteer Work and Hobbies

I always love writing about people with diverse interests and hobbies. Jon Urbana is a great example of someone who has designed his life around a wide variety of different activities and pursuits. With a love for photography, philanthropy and charity work, business and entrepreneurship, and lacrosse, Urbana is one of the most fascinating video makers I’ve ever written about.

Last month, I had the opportunity to profile Jon and his extensive history in a variety of different industries. Most recently, he’s dedicated his talents in business to charitable causes, starting a highly successful GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force. Jon Urbana drew inspiration from a global journey trip that resulted in his inclusion to the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database. WRCB television mentions Urbana’s childhood, “…taught him an appreciation of [Colorado’s] beauty.” Because of his appreciation for the natural world, Urbana dedicates a substantial amount of time to protecting the planet for future generations.

This love for the natural world can also be seen in Jon’s photography on his WordPress blog. The majority of his beautifully-composed photographs feature fruits, vegetables, home cooked meals, and breathtaking moments in everyday life that most people take for granted. It’s clear that Jon has a love for the bounties of nature. I’m deeply fascinated by his artistic talent, and he’s put together an excellent portfolio of his work over at his official WordPress blog.

Jon currently serves Ellipse USA as Head of Business Development. Ellipse is a privately-held company specializing in intense pulse light lasers and other similar laser systems. Urbana’s professional experience in business has helped him critically in his philanthropy work, and has allowed him to masterfully rally support for his crowdfunded campaigns for organizations like Earth Force.

As the co-founder of Colorado’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon isn’t shy about his love for lacrosse. In the past, he received three varsity letters in tennis and lacrosse from Denver East High School. He was also Villanova team captain for several years, a three-time all-conference player, and a two-time state pick for lacrosse. Urbana took his love for lacrosse to the next level when he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp for local-area kids.