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Sanjay Shah And His Solo Capital Are Conquering The Philanthropic And Business Industries.

Sanjay Shah And His Solo Capital Are Conquering The Philanthropic And Business Industries.

Sanjay Shah is a British-born Dubai-based business person and philanthropist. He is famous due to his business outfit, Solo Capital, and his philanthropic outfit, Autism Rocks. Both of this entities were founded by him, and he also owns them. Sanjay Shah has a family comprising of his wife and their three children. To many starting entrepreneurs, Sanjay Shah is not only a role model but also an icon. He is one of the few entrepreneurs who have been able to turn their businesses from start-up to global outfits within record time. Even before Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital, he was already making big profits from his other 36 companies that are found all over the globe. Sanjay Shah is a man dedicated to success, a rare quality among entrepreneurs.

He is currently retired from active business management activities, a field where he worked as the chief executive officer of Solo Capital. He took this step so that he can fully dedicate himself to charity work for his Autism Rocks.This came after his son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Sanjay Shah says that the struggle and hustle they underwent trying to seek medical help for their son in a Dubai public facility touched his heart. Luckily for him, he could afford private therapy and went for it, he decided to help children whose parents could not afford treatment. He understood the struggle other parents endured to get help for their autistic children.

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks spreads awareness to the public about autism. It mainly focuses on the symptoms and know remedies for autism. Autism Rocks also helps less fortunate autistic children access medical assistance. Sanjay Shah also ensures that Autism Rocks funds research on autism so that it could easily be identified and treated. He raises money for Autism Rocks through organizing private parties for donors, which are attended by celebrated world musicians. These donors give out donations which are used by Autism Rocks to fund its projects. So far this concerts have been attended by various musicians such as Prince, Snoop Dog, and Drake. These musicians offer guests a musical experience of their lifetime.

On the other hand, Solo Capital, the Sanjay Shah owned firm is the world’s leading firm in financial services. It offers a wide variety of investment and financial services to its clients from all over the world. Some of the services offered by Solo Capital include proprietary trading, financial and investment consultancy and professional sports investment management. Solo Capital goes even further to offer the following services under it’s three service branches; talent acquisition, business and financial representation, securities trading, FX, derivatives and commodities among other services. This firm also has executive customer services alongside a deep market understanding.

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