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Solo Capital and the Man Behind It

Solo Capital and the Man Behind It

Operating from the metropolitan city of London, Solo Capital Markets is a financial services company that has clients both within England and beyond, prioritizing proprietary investing, including professional sports teams, clubs and organizations, and consulting in financial matters. The proficiency of this company has made it a standout from its competitors in London’s competitive financial market, and this reputation is backed up by Sanjay Shah, who has accumulated more than £67 million in assets during his time with Solo Capital.

Still a controlling member and CEO of Solo Group Holdings, a holding company under Solo Capital, Shah has incorporated world travels with his career ambitions, having acted as an investor in the Cayman Island, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai, Luxembourg and over thirty other nations across the world.

This international presence also comes with insight as to the workings of international markets. Shah, in 2011, netted about £19 million by betting against European debt markets, insights that came from knowing the workings of EU countries and which allowed him to assume control and unify Solo Capital into one corporate body. This professional career, though illustrious and seemingly going nowhere but up, allowing him to accumulate a personal network of $280 million, he’s reduced his professional presence to two offices in London and Dubai.

He may have mastered the world of finance, but Shah had begun his professional life in the field of medicine. Eventually he discovered that life wasn’t of great interest to him, so he took on work as an accountant for Morgan Stanley, Credut Suisse and Merrill Lynch. Working for major investment banks would be the career goal for many people working in finance, but during the 2008 global recession, Shah saw the world of investment was pushed back on its heels. Rather than scramble to remain relevant in banks looking to restructure in the face of crisis, he instead choose to star his own brokerage company.

Work, however, isn’t Shah’s only concentration in life. He’s also found the time to dedicate towards many charitable causes. In the early years of his philanthropy, he chose to sponsor poor children in India, helping their upward mobility along. Yet this avenue of charity felt lacking, which coincided with the creation of Autism Rocks, a series of concerts that raises awareness for autism and money for research.

In 2011, Shah was informed that his four-year-old son suffered from a neurodevelopmental disorder. Around this time, during a meeting with famed rapper Snoop Dogg, Shah had the idea that conditions like one affecting his son could be remedied by uniting musical talent at various venues. After years in circulation, Autism Rocks has operated with the talents of musicians like Drake and Michale Bublè. Much of the money from donors has been handed over to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center.

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