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George Soros Helps Hillary Clinton While Talking About The Global Economy

George Soros Helps Hillary Clinton While Talking About The Global Economy

George Soros is the billionaire investor who is famous for speculating on currency, but he has become something of a liberal scion in American politics. He has given quite a bit of money to campaigns over the years, and he recently infused Hillary Clinton’s campaign with $8 million. His donation does not guarantee that Hillary will be elected, but it is a welcome boost to her campaign as she fights off Bernie Sanders for the democratic nomination. This article also looks into the insights George has about the current economy.
#1: The Donation

George’s donation was written up in Politico as the Iowa caucuses approach, and Hillary Clinton is looking for any edge she can get to win the nomination. She last had a chance against Barack Obama, and she is hoping that extra money from Mr. George Soros will make a difference. He is seen as a kingmaker by some, and his endorsement may go a long way with people who follow politics closely. George is doing all he can to help Hillary in her second bid to become President.

#2: The Economy

George is terribly concerned about the economy, and he has spoken in the past about how the economy worldwide is much the same as it was in 2008. George believes that strong world leadership is needed on the issue, and he wants to have a democratic President in the White House who will push for economic balance around the world. World leaders in China and the EU have been happy to wait for the situation to work itself out, but George believes that another four years with a democrat will help right the ship more quickly.

#3: The Tightening Race In America

George has influence in American politics because he has a lot of money to give, and his money speaks for him among many democratic voters. George wants to see Hillary Clinton make her way to the White House, and he has given quite a lot of money to her campaigns over time. The recent $8 million gift should help Hillary as she tries to win Iowa and New Hampshire, but George can only do so much to help. He is a brilliant businessman who can make the money again, but he is deeply concerned about how politics impacts the world around him.

George Soros is not afraid to give money to worth causes, and he believes that having Hillary Clinton serve as President will help solve many economic problems around the world. He wants the EU and China to be on notice that they must make changes to their economic policies, and he does not want to wait four years to learn if those entities can control themselves.