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George Soros is a man worth listening to. Now in his 80s, his time expressing his valuable opinion on bloomberg.com will come to an end very soon. Soros’ hedge-fund firm has gained on average about 20 percent a year from 1969 to 2011. Soros, himself, has a net worth of about $27.3 billion, that according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. Soros began his investing career in New York City during the 1950s and gained worldwide fame and a reputation for his investing prowess in 1992, by netting $1 billion by shorting the Great British Pound in the Forex market.

Soros has warned the free world that a financial crisis on the order of the economic recession of 2008 on politico.com could be in our future. He has said that the immigrant crisis coupled with the devaluation of the Chinese currency could signal another epic, economic collapse even worse than that suffered worldwide in 2008.

His opinions on economic conditions for the future are relevant and many persons are heeding his advice but, surprisingly, there are those right-wingers who see his advice as about as worthwhile as the scientific warnings about global warming. George Soros is a man who has survived occupation by both the Nazis and the Communists during the Second World War, who has lived on three different continents in the world. An educated man who speaks several languages. A man who has donated millions to the cause of freedom through his philanthropy, the Open Society Foundations. Republicans, simply, don’t like him because he donates to Democratic candidates. 

What is lacking in the United States of America is consensus, There are a few individuals on this planet who seem to be truly good, honest people, but other people will see them differently. There are few, if any, politicians we can rely upon. Religious leaders from the numerous congregations are about as trustworthy as politicians. Educators, deans of universities are not in the spotlight but should be; they represent some of the most educated, well-read, trustworthy people in our society.

Soros has written more than a dozen books and frequently attends economic summits where his speeches are much appreciated. Here in the United States he is seen as a possible guest at the White House if Hillary Clinton is elected. He has said in the past that Clinton offered him open access if she became president. Another philanthropist of a similar ilk is Thor Halvorssen, he too has a foundation dedicated to freedom within governments but he has pledged his support to Bernie Sanders. Halvorssen is a younger version of GeorgeYour text to link… Soros and, hopefully, in the future we will see him as an astute interpreter of the world condition. We need consensus in this world. 

Source: wikipedia

The nation of Brazil was hit hard by flooding that took place in the months of November and December of 2015 and in January of 2016. The hardest hit regions were Paraguay, Uruguay and Southern Brazil. When the flood happened people who live along the border areas of Rio Grande Du Sol and Parana were severely impacted by this natural disaster. The river systems that is connected to these three nations substantially increased in volume. This in turn caused thousands of locals to flee the flood zones. Many of the rivers that lie along the border regions of Brazil are prone to yearly flooding.

Dr. Sergio Cortes is Brazil’s State Secretary of Health. He has been visiting hospitals, relief and medical facilities in the region. The southern areas of Brazil was not the only regions impacted by flooding. Rising water was also a problem in places such as Xerem which is outside of Rio De Janeiro and in the northern state of Ceara.

Dr. Cortes wanted to ensure that medical facilities had adequate space and resources to handle the crisis. Since there is a Zika epidemic and the increased risk of contracting dengue fever; Dr. Cortes wants to ensure that the medical personnel and infrastructure is prepared to deal with this problem. It is a known fact that diseases have a tendency to grow rampart within a region that has been affected by a flood. The reason why this happens is because there is no basic sanitation and lack of hygiene.

Medical personnel in these areas are making sure that they have plenty of medical supplies, staff and room to handle the thousands of displaced people that will need the care. Medical teams from different parts of Brazil are also descending into the affected areas. Their effort helps to ensure that there is enough staff on hand to meet the demands of the people in need. Dr. Cortes is doing his best to ensure that people are staying healthy and free from disease. You can find out more about Dr. Cortes efforts in an article by Extra. People can also follow Dr. Cortes on Twitter.

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I always love writing about people with diverse interests and hobbies. Jon Urbana is a great example of someone who has designed his life around a wide variety of different activities and pursuits. With a love for photography, philanthropy and charity work, business and entrepreneurship, and lacrosse, Urbana is one of the most fascinating video makers I’ve ever written about.

Last month, I had the opportunity to profile Jon and his extensive history in a variety of different industries. Most recently, he’s dedicated his talents in business to charitable causes, starting a highly successful GoFundMe campaign for Earth Force. Jon Urbana drew inspiration from a global journey trip that resulted in his inclusion to the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database. WRCB television mentions Urbana’s childhood, “…taught him an appreciation of [Colorado’s] beauty.” Because of his appreciation for the natural world, Urbana dedicates a substantial amount of time to protecting the planet for future generations.

This love for the natural world can also be seen in Jon’s photography on his WordPress blog. The majority of his beautifully-composed photographs feature fruits, vegetables, home cooked meals, and breathtaking moments in everyday life that most people take for granted. It’s clear that Jon has a love for the bounties of nature. I’m deeply fascinated by his artistic talent, and he’s put together an excellent portfolio of his work over at his official WordPress blog.

Jon currently serves Ellipse USA as Head of Business Development. Ellipse is a privately-held company specializing in intense pulse light lasers and other similar laser systems. Urbana’s professional experience in business has helped him critically in his philanthropy work, and has allowed him to masterfully rally support for his crowdfunded campaigns for organizations like Earth Force.

As the co-founder of Colorado’s Next Level Lacrosse Camp, Jon isn’t shy about his love for lacrosse. In the past, he received three varsity letters in tennis and lacrosse from Denver East High School. He was also Villanova team captain for several years, a three-time all-conference player, and a two-time state pick for lacrosse. Urbana took his love for lacrosse to the next level when he co-founded Next Level Lacrosse Camp for local-area kids.

The wave of the transaction reported and the efforts of many hedge funds in the last quarter of 2015 allegedly according to Madison Street created a positive progress. The positivity in momentum has made 2016 to be referred to as the record year for many funds. All funds include the small hedge funds have been incurring liabilities and extra costs in the recent past making them create and adapt new efforts to increase their productivity. The small hedge manager funds are even operating on new portfolios to attract new capital investors in their funds. Others who are incurring extra costs are embarking on new alternatives to incorporate buyers and sellers without incurring more losses.

The Madison Street Capital sees that the hedge fund industry will be even stronger considering the 42 deals made in 2015 while in 2014 they were 32 from the transaction volume measured by AUM. That the industry will see find a bridge to production and distribution and they are working on many efforts to make buyers and sellers inclusive in the consolidation. Hedge funds have moved a notch higher from the use of traditional methods of transactions and M&A to PE stakes, PE bolt-ons and share revenue stakes. Deals this year will most definitely rise from the great analysis made by M&A and Madison Street Capital. The article can be found on pr.com.

Located in Chicago Illinois, Madison Street Capital LLP was founded in 2011 and has been the financial advisor of investors in the United States. Their other services include support for merger and acquisition, brokerage, giving financial opinions and providing valuation services for private and public businesses. The firm is known globally for investment banking expertise; it has been advising worldwide industries on private debt replacements, fairness and solvency opinions and participates in board committee and shareholdings in those industries. Professionals at Madison know how to match buyer and sellers with good deals, they can increase the potential of their clients, provide appropriate financing and even create capitalization structures for clients. Madison Street Capital is especially not a bank or a lending investment, but it offers the services.

Madison uses a distinct approach in all its negotiations for clients; currently, it is handling more than 100 deals. They have a large network of buyers and sellers in many projects with both domestic and international opportunities. They also work with confidential strategic objectives perfect for all customers and the firm too. Its professional expertise is approved by its membership to associations like MSC-BD LLC and financial industry regulatory authority (FINRA) with respect to all professional standards. Their advice on strategic buyers and raising finance capital for businesses have greatly helped many companies globally. Madison will make the business fall off competitors and dominate. Their expertise is recognizable in all financial industry sectors.

Source: PR.com

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U.S. Money Reserve is riding the wave of vigorous and consistent interest in precious metals investing. Philip N. Diehl, the President of U.S. Money Reserve, noted on a podcast interview that concerns over monetary policy and a reaction to speculators are leading people to buy gold coins. U.S. Money Reserve’s new e-commerce website is designed to facilitate the purchase of gold, silver, and platinum coins. U.S. Money Reserve is a top seller of coins, and the new website is designed to appeal to makes things easier for a large number of consumers.

CBS 19 heralded the news of the website’s arrival. Even a brief glance at the website reveals it is quite amazing in terms of features and user-friendliness.

U.S. Money Reserve has produced a website that matches the company’s long-established reputation for excellence. The site is designed to support safe online transactions. As would be the case at any retail website, coins may be purchased through secure shopping cart software. In addition, the site provides a thorough catalog of the coins offered by the company. Scores of rare and interesting coins are presented on the website. Potential buyers can examine the coins closely thanks to the crystal clear clarity of the images.

Highly-detailed product information on the website is absolutely beneficial, but reading content on a website has its limits. U.S. Money Reserve has no intention of leaving consumers with questions or concerns without any means to contact a company representative. One-on-one counseling is always available, and visitors can use the toll-free number prominently featured on the website.

The site also serves as an outstanding resource for information on the subject of precious metals. The prices of gold, silver, and platinum are presented on the website in real time. No one needs to search throughout the internet for prices. The site is also home to more detailed information on precious metals investing. A “knowledge center” and a “gold news room” open the doors to learning a lot more about current market conditions and general investing news. The information found in these resources definitely helps those who want more details prior to committing to a purchase.

A special kit can be mailed to those who request one. The kit contains even more information about precious metals. Simply request the kit through the website, and the kit will be mailed out without delay.

U.S. Money Reserve has processed hundreds of thousands of orders over the years. The company is known for its outstanding customer service. Quick and expedient shipping is always performed by the department that handles such work. Any customer who purchases through the website or via the phone can expect the coins are shipped without delay and in the proper packaging.

Sanjay Shah is a British-born Dubai-based business person and philanthropist. He is famous due to his business outfit, Solo Capital, and his philanthropic outfit, Autism Rocks. Both of this entities were founded by him, and he also owns them. Sanjay Shah has a family comprising of his wife and their three children. To many starting entrepreneurs, Sanjay Shah is not only a role model but also an icon. He is one of the few entrepreneurs who have been able to turn their businesses from start-up to global outfits within record time. Even before Sanjay Shah founded Solo Capital, he was already making big profits from his other 36 companies that are found all over the globe. Sanjay Shah is a man dedicated to success, a rare quality among entrepreneurs.

He is currently retired from active business management activities, a field where he worked as the chief executive officer of Solo Capital. He took this step so that he can fully dedicate himself to charity work for his Autism Rocks.This came after his son, Nikhil was diagnosed with autism in 2011. Sanjay Shah says that the struggle and hustle they underwent trying to seek medical help for their son in a Dubai public facility touched his heart. Luckily for him, he could afford private therapy and went for it, he decided to help children whose parents could not afford treatment. He understood the struggle other parents endured to get help for their autistic children.

Sanjay Shah’s Autism Rocks spreads awareness to the public about autism. It mainly focuses on the symptoms and know remedies for autism. Autism Rocks also helps less fortunate autistic children access medical assistance. Sanjay Shah also ensures that Autism Rocks funds research on autism so that it could easily be identified and treated. He raises money for Autism Rocks through organizing private parties for donors, which are attended by celebrated world musicians. These donors give out donations which are used by Autism Rocks to fund its projects. So far this concerts have been attended by various musicians such as Prince, Snoop Dog, and Drake. These musicians offer guests a musical experience of their lifetime.

On the other hand, Solo Capital, the Sanjay Shah owned firm is the world’s leading firm in financial services. It offers a wide variety of investment and financial services to its clients from all over the world. Some of the services offered by Solo Capital include proprietary trading, financial and investment consultancy and professional sports investment management. Solo Capital goes even further to offer the following services under it’s three service branches; talent acquisition, business and financial representation, securities trading, FX, derivatives and commodities among other services. This firm also has executive customer services alongside a deep market understanding.

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Operating from the metropolitan city of London, Solo Capital Markets is a financial services company that has clients both within England and beyond, prioritizing proprietary investing, including professional sports teams, clubs and organizations, and consulting in financial matters. The proficiency of this company has made it a standout from its competitors in London’s competitive financial market, and this reputation is backed up by Sanjay Shah, who has accumulated more than £67 million in assets during his time with Solo Capital.

Still a controlling member and CEO of Solo Group Holdings, a holding company under Solo Capital, Shah has incorporated world travels with his career ambitions, having acted as an investor in the Cayman Island, the British Virgin Islands, Malta, Dubai, Luxembourg and over thirty other nations across the world.

This international presence also comes with insight as to the workings of international markets. Shah, in 2011, netted about £19 million by betting against European debt markets, insights that came from knowing the workings of EU countries and which allowed him to assume control and unify Solo Capital into one corporate body. This professional career, though illustrious and seemingly going nowhere but up, allowing him to accumulate a personal network of $280 million, he’s reduced his professional presence to two offices in London and Dubai.

He may have mastered the world of finance, but Shah had begun his professional life in the field of medicine. Eventually he discovered that life wasn’t of great interest to him, so he took on work as an accountant for Morgan Stanley, Credut Suisse and Merrill Lynch. Working for major investment banks would be the career goal for many people working in finance, but during the 2008 global recession, Shah saw the world of investment was pushed back on its heels. Rather than scramble to remain relevant in banks looking to restructure in the face of crisis, he instead choose to star his own brokerage company.

Work, however, isn’t Shah’s only concentration in life. He’s also found the time to dedicate towards many charitable causes. In the early years of his philanthropy, he chose to sponsor poor children in India, helping their upward mobility along. Yet this avenue of charity felt lacking, which coincided with the creation of Autism Rocks, a series of concerts that raises awareness for autism and money for research.

In 2011, Shah was informed that his four-year-old son suffered from a neurodevelopmental disorder. Around this time, during a meeting with famed rapper Snoop Dogg, Shah had the idea that conditions like one affecting his son could be remedied by uniting musical talent at various venues. After years in circulation, Autism Rocks has operated with the talents of musicians like Drake and Michale Bublè. Much of the money from donors has been handed over to Cambridge University’s Autism Research Center.

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BMG bank is a financial institution controlled and owned by the Pentagna Guimarães family with Marcio Alaor as its vice president. They have been involved in the financial industry of Brazil ever since the year 1930, which is when they established Banco de Crédito Predial S.A. Up to the mid 1990s, BMG bank mostly dealt with business concerned with consumer and wholesale financing, and was a leader in the financing of light and heavy vehicles in that period. The bank has, however, turned its focus, since the year 1998, on supplying payroll loans, thus becoming the leading bank for this kind of operation.

BMG bank signed an agreement of unification with Itaú Unibanco S.A. in July 2012, with the aim to offer, commercialise and distribute the payroll loans. This unification has brought about many advantages to BMG bank. For example, it enabled it to bring its focus on different strategic products like BMG Empresas and Payroll Credit Card.
Being aware of its profile being on a conservative side, BMG bank is constantly seeking to increase its profitability through the quality of portfolio of its customers and the responsible credit. In addition to that, the bank is developing new businesses strategies that best meet the needs of the customers.

The bank, as the vice president Marcio Alaor claims, focuses greatly on the development of the loan portfolio and in that way ensures greater profitability levels and the better productivity of its business.

BMG bank has a quite effective corporate structure and its management is highly cautious of the cost control. Having this in mind, the bank takes advantage of software systems and scalable network and in this way enables optimization of the interaction process. All this attributes enhance operational gains and the business development.

The bank has the aim to construct the teams of high performance, whose talents individually are only to make sense in case the are able to form a winning team. They should be able to enjoy working for the BMG bank, provide the service for the customer and overcome the issues in the most effective and competent way possible.
BMG is a leading bank in the Brazilian market, as it has over 80 years of a great financial performance, working both with individual customers and many financial institutions, together with the companies in both the private and public sectors . It offers loans through payroll credit card, finances both large and medium companies, and also used vehicles and offers home equity loans. BMG bank is noted for its conservative and strict credit policy, which is constantly under revision to ensure it is in line with the market conditions. The history of work of the BMG bank shows flexibility and highly adaptive capacities to adjust to market conditions that are constantly changing.

Solo Capital markets is a financial service company that was started by a Mr. Sanjay Shah. Sanjay Shah is an individual that was raised in London. In his younger years, he was not interested in the investment industry. It was his goal to study medicine and he decided that he wanted to become a doctor. After beginning his studies, he realized that medicine was not where his heart was, so he decided to become an accountant. As an accountant Sanjay Shah was able to work with a list of high-ranking investment banks. These banks included Credit Suisse, Merrill Lynch, and Morgan Stanley. When the financial crisis hit in 2009, Sanjay Shah wanted to start his own brokerage company. He decided to start Solo Capital.

Solo Capital specializes in consulting, property trading, and professional sports investments. By the end of 2015, Solo Capital markets had a net worth of over €15.45 million, and Sanjay Shah owns more than 30 other companies all across London, the British Islands, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, and the Cayman Islands. Before Solo Capital became a corporation, Sanjay Shah was earning €19 million a year. After the company became incorporated, Sanjay Shah had a net worth of over $280 million. Even though Sanjay Shah still manages his offices in London and Dubai, he considers himself retired.

Sanjay Shah is also the founder of Autism Rocks according to global-citizen.com. Autism Rocks is an organization that Sanjay Shah started because of his son. When his son was only four years old, he was diagnosed with autism. Sanjay Shah wanted to find a way to help his son, and he also wanted to better understand autism. While drinking tea with Snoop Dogg, Sanjay Shah had an epiphany about a way that he could earn money to help fund the investigation of autism.

That was the way that Autism Rocks was discovered. Sanjay Shah decided that he would hold concerts and use the proceeds from the concerts for the investigation and the awareness efforts of autism. Sanjay Shah has held many concerts featuring Lenny Kravitz, Drake, and Snoop Dogg. He has been able to raise millions of dollars for his fund.

Kyle Bass is well-known for his successful prediction of financial collapse concerning America’s housing market in 2008. Like many who didn’t have the platform Bass was privy to, Bass saw that poor practices were just defraying debt and eventually an event horizon would be reached. When he was right, suddenly everyone believed Bass was an authority to be trusted. This belief has continued in large part to the present day, despite a variety of poor financial decisions on the part of Bass.

For starters, Bass’ hedge fund just doesn’t do well. It has continuously under-performed hedge funds that are in the same class, and that despite Bass’ continual appearances across the mainstream media. In fact, there seems to be an inverse relationship to Bass’ appearances and his hedge fund: whenever Bass’ appears in the media, his fund tends to decrease in effectiveness.

It may not be the reason, but UsefulStooges reports that certainly it could be the reason Kyle Bass branched out into CAD. CAD stands for the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. It’s an organization Bass’ runs with the ostensible purpose of decreasing the cost infirm individuals have to pay for their medications. CAD attacks big-time pharmaceuticals, and when they lower the cost of their medicines, Bass short sells his holdings with them on the stock market. Naturally, a decimation of cost leads to a substantial devaluation of stock. In summation, Bass is legally manipulating the stock market with special interest group CAD, and making millions. It’s gotten so bad even congress has agreed to set aside party differences in an effort to stop Bass, but since his actions are legal, they’re against a wall.

Bass has strong ties to the socialistic president of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner. Often described as a despot, de Kirchner has defaulted Argentina twice in thirteen years through poor financial decisions. It would make sense that she’s got it in for a high-profile capitalistic power like America, and since Bass only sings her praises when she’s mentioned in the mainstream media, his position as lackey to her cause is extremely evident.

The fact is, Bass’ revenue often come from the collateral of a massive economic implosion. Kind of like creatures at the bottom of the ocean feed from the carcasses of deceased marine life. But with the right terminology, even bottom-feeding can be portrayed in a positive light. Is Bass just a high-profile bottom-feeder? It’s a description that would fit the facts.