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There Is Too Much Inequality In The United States

There Is Too Much Inequality In The United States

Charles Koch is a business person based in the United States. He is a great philanthropist too who is respected around the world. He is the chief executive officer, co-owner, and chairperson of the board in Koch Industries. He works closely with his brother, David Koch, who serves as the vice executive vice president for the Koch industries. The two brothers own forty-two percent each in the industry. Charles and David inherited the successful Koch industries from their father, and with a lot of hard work, they expanded it. The business was mainly focused on oil refining and some chemicals. The company now is involved in various activities: process and pollution control products and technology, minerals, fertilizers, fibers, commodity trading polymers and ranching. The Koch industries are known for their quality brands all over the world.

Charles Koch formed a very strong political machine that ever existed in the United States. The political network is controlled by Charles and his brother David. They are also supported by very wealthy individuals in the United States, and this explains why it is very powerful. The network has employed several people in its offices. The wealthy billionaire has made his political network very popular in the United States, and their main aim is to help the helpless individuals in the society. As the 2016 elections get closer, the political machine is getting stronger, although some individuals question the expensive dinners and bonuses given to the employees.

Just recently, Charles Koch announced that he agreed that he agreed with Bernie Senders in a political issue. According to Bernie, the United States is currently experiencing too much inequality. Although the idea of inequality doesn’t have the same meaning, the two have a point. However, Bernie supports an action against inequality that Koch doesn’t agree with.

According to Bernie Senders, there are two-tiered groups of people in the United States that dooms the citizens to live in helplessness and poverty. According to him, several corporations benefit a lot from corporate welfare, and the ordinary people in the society are denied important opportunities and the level playing ground.

Charles Koch agrees with Bernie Senders idea. The Democrats and the Republicans seem always to favor the policies and the regulations that identify the losers and winners. This has led to the cycle of control, cronyism, dependency and poverty in the country. These issues are quite complicated, but it is not the government’s fault. The people in the business world have played a role in it.