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Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Solo Capital Sanjay Shah

Investment firms that are successfully grown and developed quickly are few and far between. Success has been capitalized for the popular investment firm called Solo Capital. The founder, owner and chief executive officer of Solo Capital is Sanjay Shah. His experience in the accounting and finance industry has helped groom his success as an entrepreneur who has built a very high end, precise and strategic company. Solo Capital specializes in proprietary trading, investment consulting and sport investment consulting. When the company was started, Shah initially had just a few employees. Five years later the company has steadily increased its revenue to the million dollar status. The successes of the company have allowed Sanjay Shah to semi-retire and enjoy his family as well as succeed in other avenues of interest.

He moved to Central London with his family from Kenya, where he was originally born. After graduating high school, he attended King’s College to study medicine. Becoming a doctor was something he decided that he didn’t want to pursue anymore, and started studying accounting and finance. After graduating with his degree in accounting, he began to work for an accounting firm where he learned much his is expertise and knowledge. He decided to start his own brokerage business after growing tired of the everyday commute back and forth from work. It was time for him to start his own business. He had the skills, the expertise and extensive knowledge. He just had to apply it all together. He did just that, and now he is the successful CEO of Solo Capital. After five short years of the business running, it has an estimated net worth of $280 million and has 39 offices in Dubai and Central London. With the success of the business operations, Shah was able to semi-retire and focus his passions and interests on other avenues.

His most recent passion involves a charity that he has founded called Autism Rocks. He had been donating money to autism research for a number of years since he found out his son was diagnosed in 2011, but he wanted to be able to do more. He was urged by his long time musician friend, Snoop Dogg, to get back into the music industry and help raise money that way. Shah was able to work with some of the most famous music artists and help raise money for Autism Rocks through their concerts. At the time of his son’s diagnosis, he was exactly sure what to do or how to help. By working on Autism Rocks, the money made is donated to several different places. One being Cambridge University to help aid in the research and to help families as well as patient’s deal with the effects of autism.

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