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Brad Reifler Shares His Top 5 Investing Tips For The 99 Percent

Brad Reifler Shares His Top 5 Investing Tips For The 99 Percent

Do you make at least $200,000 a year or have a net worth of $1 million? If not you are part of the 99 percent. The 99 percent are hard working Americans who just can’t seem to catch a break. This is because they have been sold a bill of goods that simply aren’t true.

You know the saying the rich get richer and the poor get poorer? Well it is completely true. You see, when it comes to the investment world, those in the 1 percent, which are individuals who make $200,000 a year or have a net worth of $1 million, reap all the benefits.

According to an article published on Reuters, those who fall into the 1 percent category have access to commodity funds, public funds and hedge funds that the government literally hides from 99 percent of Americans. To say this is absurd would be an understatement.

That’s why Brad Reifler, founder and CEO of Forefront Capital, has decided to do something about it.

Several years ago Reifler decided to invest in a 529 college savings plan. He thought by doing so, he would be able to pay for his daughters college education without them having to acquire much debt. Boy was he wrong.

When it came time to use the funds, Reifler noticed it was worth less than his initial investment. He soon realized this was a growing dilemma millions of Americans were now dealing with. This experience showed him it was time to make a change.

When Reifler first started Forefront Group, his ideal client was the 1 percent. Now however, after losing so much of his own money, he changed his focus to the 99 percent.

Reifler is now on a mission to change the way Americans are allowed to invest.

One of the biggest problems 99 percenters face is a lack of investment options. To address this problem, Reifler began developing a public fund that could be accessed by all Americans regardless of their income or net worth. His goal is to help 99 percenters grow substantial retirement accounts by harnessing the power of compounded returns.

If you are interested in investing in the public fund set up by Reifler, here are 5 tips he suggests you adhere to:

#1 – Consider all risks, charges and expenses before you decide to invest.
#2 – Make sure your money is safe.
#3 – Never put all of your eggs in one basket.
#4 – Develop a relationship with the person in charge of investing your money.
#5 – Know your objective before you invest.