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The Benefits of Brian Torchin’s Chiropractic Staffing Agency

The Benefits of Brian Torchin’s Chiropractic Staffing Agency

In today’s demanding economy is a staffing agency right for your healthcare business needs? Maybe you are searching for a staffing agency to help you get a start in the health industry. If you are interested in finding out more about staffing agencies then you may want to look at Brain Torchin’s Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC (HCRC).

Brain Torchin:
Who is Brain Torchin? Torchin used his own knowledge and experiences as a chiropractic physician to create a business to help other healthcare professionals maintain highly qualified practices by offering clientele the best possible staff. Torchin is considered an experienced professional in the healthcare community. He was described by Dr. Mayer Green, from the Consultants of America, as honest, professional, and as having high integrity. On BullHornResearch one of Torchin’s goals is to create long-term relationships with all his clients.

Benefits of Health Care Recruitment Counselors, LLC:
HCRC work with private chiropractic practices as well as hospital staffing needs in chiropractic jobs, medical jobs, physical therapy jobs and more. Consulting services, background checks, and staff training are also offered through HCRC. Another of Torchin’s goals beyond staffing the global healthcare industry is to offer efficient and fast solutions for his clients. He strives to offer availability at all times to answer questions or fulfil requests for employment.

Torchin has also created a blog space on Behance and on the HCRC website that offers tips on various topics aimed at helping his clientele recruit employers or employees through social media such as Linkedin. Other blog articles focus on the importance of the clients and the atmosphere of the practice itself, the top interview questions, and tips to hiring excellent employees.

HCRC offers employment opportunities for highly qualified healthcare professionals searching for a career in the healthcare sector. With today’s economy one might need to search outside traditional employment opportunities. Staffing agencies will actually seek employment for potential healthcare professionals.

HCRC is currently available nationwide as well as in Canada and Australia. Torchin has built up communications in Europe and Asia as well. Brian’s Google + is a better window into where he’s taking the company next.