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Ricardo Guimaraes: Why Do Professional Job Seekers Need LinkedIn? Best Recruiters Connect!

Ricardo Guimaraes: Why Do Professional Job Seekers Need LinkedIn? Best Recruiters Connect!

Ricardo Guimaraes reported on the rising popularity of LinkedIn as a comprehensive job market resource. The prolific BMG bank president has had first-hand experience promoting his infallible skills on LinkedIn. In his latest analysis of the social network, he did share some fascinating news about the resource. The uses of LinkedIn extends beyond discoverable job opportunities. It’s the best conventional job search tool connecting like-minded professionals and employers today. With it, it’s nearly effortless to form new relationships with professionals of the same expertise.

Exame, an online media conglomerate remarked on Ricardo Guimaraes recent report that highlighted the top 25 skills employers look for in job seekers. He couldn’t have produced this analysis without gathering social network statistics, that of LinkedIn included. Among participating countries are France, Brazil, the U.S., etc. It highlighted the most used keywords by recruiters in 2015. Job skills such as data mining and human resource received significant attention as both are highly desirable, especially in the Brazilian market.

With the weight of economic instability among other considerations, Ricardo Guimaraes reported a substantial 14% drop in demands for professionals the past year. However, this development hasn’t impacted the reputation of LinkedIn negatively. As a prolific investment banking executive, Ricardo Guimaraes stressed the importance of becoming well-versed on the best professional skills in today’s competitive job market. In addition, he’s encouraged professionals to update their skills to become more marketable and equipped for the fickle labor market.

Forbes recently released its ideal of the best American MBA courses. Ricardo Guimaraes didn’t miss the opportunity to emphasize on the value of earning a quality education. The Forbes press release did prepare the ranking with serious consideration of the nation’s most elite universities offering such opportunities. The well-rounded BMG bank executive has been a productive crusader supporting sports club players across Europe. Ricardo Guimaraes fascination with football has resulted in BMG bank becoming a major sponsor of different sports teams. He’s extended the courtesy to other sports besides football. Recently, he shared a fascinating piece about Denmark sports culture.

The nation which houses 1,600 different football club teams, a fraction of its 11,000 sports organizations isn’t quite the fanatic as Brazil. Ricardo Guimaraes value the wealth of sports and the experience Denmark offers essentially defines the culture. Interestingly, he’s fond of the idea that the country has a fitting landscape for hosting the Olympics. Sadly, the Danes’ disapproval in the idea was on the grounds of the lack of infrastructure and other factoring considerations. Brazilian sports culture, football, in particular, isn’t merely a routine educational course for natives as that of the Danish nation. For Brazilians, it’s a skill nurtured to perfection as the youths and professionals continue to fuel this passion. Ricardo Guimaraes learned about Danish Handball and it’s rich history as a sports activity for the Danes.

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