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Billionaire Charles Koch On A Philanthropic Mission

Billionaire Charles Koch On A Philanthropic Mission

Charles Koch was born on November 1, 1935, in Wichita, Kansas where he grew up. His parents were Mary (née Robinson) and Fred Chase Koch, and he was one of the four brothers. Harry Koch, his grandfather, migrated to West Texas from Holland and settled. Charles Koch is currently a billionaire who controls a large fortune of political and policy empire controlled by a billionaire. Charles Koch is also an industrialist who owns many companies worldwide.

Charles Koch has now embarked in philanthropic work and is setting up a non-profit organization that will help eradicate problems in the society. He hopes that the non-profit organization will be able to counter chronic social issues and provide a lasting solution to the problems. This new society will be built that is poverty free and can offer quality educational to its younger generation.

Charles Koch calls the charity organization Stand Together. The organization is still in the making, but once fully operational it targets to raise around $15 million this year towards charity. Stand Together can easily be described as a venture into philanthropy that is mainly aimed at strengthening the fabric of American society through improvement.

The main objective of Stand Together charity organization is to enable the making of real difference in people’s lives by addressing the challenges they ate facing. The organization will partner with other private groups that deal with social problems like gang violence and high recidivism rates to make a more noticeable impact. After newly a year of underground work Stand Together is set to be launched soon. The organization will also be launching its website to the public. On this website, Stand Together will be widely sharing information about its plans. The organization also has an annual winter seminar for the donor, that will be hosted at Palm Springs, California coming soon.

Stand Together plans to partner with Bob Woodson, who is a popular black conservative and the president and chief executive officer of the Center for Neighborhood Enterprise to train young leaders in the society on how to bring change. Bob Woodson, who was a close ally of President George W. Bush’s faith-based initiatives and also traveled with House Speaker Paul Ryan to initiate in the war on poverty and poverty eradication plans on poor neighborhoods.

Even though Charles Koch launches Stand together this year, he and his brother have been donors to various charities for years.

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