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Why Charles Koch Want The Justice System Changed

Why Charles Koch Want The Justice System Changed

Charles Koch has surprised many by a taking a seemingly Liberal take on the justice system with his recent interview. It was an interview in which the billionaire was asked what his thoughts were on the current criminal justice system.

Charles Koch was sure that the current penal system is unsustainable. It punishes the disadvantaged.

Charles Koch has heavily criticized the current justice system that seemingly takes a less than ideal view of rehabilitation and prefers retribution. It means a person arrested and taken to prison will most likely not mend their ways but will adopt a less than favorable view of the system.

Charles Koch also questioned the wisdom behind spending $ 250 billion in a system that criminalizes smoking a joint. These inconsistencies have even seen some people taken to jail for mistakes they didn’t commit.

There was a recent case whereby employees were taken to court and jailed after the factory motors failed. They were not trained in using the engines, and the arrest and subsequent prosecution was viewed as a sham.

Koch also points out that prosecutors in America have too many powers. They have become the sole deciding party in a trial and are rarely impartial. It is because they already have vested interests with the judiciary.

Charles Koch says the current shootings of unarmed black teens by white police are as a result of the system. It is a system that has trapped the poorest members of the society in a cycle of poverty, A cycle that perpetuates its self every day and the most visible results are skewed racial compositions in prisons.

Charles Koch was speaking from a position of strength as he had been in charge of CATO Institute since 1973 when he founded. CATO finds policy direction in America and tries to shape them. It has been at the forefront of lobbying for the rights of Americans.

Koch has always used his money to make policy changes. He has done this by creating a sophisticated political system that has influences in all areas of American life. It has a budget of over $ 900 million annually and employs around 1200 people in 45 states. It has offices in 107 towns across America.

Charles Koch is a highly accomplished business leader. He is also a Ph.D. graduate from MITHe lives in Wichita with Liz, his wife of 42 years.

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