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New York Based Entrepreneur Supports NYPD And Philanthropy

New York Based Entrepreneur Supports NYPD And Philanthropy

Dynamic Search Partners is a company based out of New York and founded by Keith Mann. Dynamic lived up to it’s name again recently and was deemed news worthy because of the actions of Mr. Keith Mann. When the NYPD was under attack from critics, Mr. Mann and his wife sent lunch to the nice officers at the 54th Street precint. Not only did he buy lunch once, Keith Mann bought lunch several times because he appreciates what the officers are going through trying to protect and serve. Did he try and take credit for this? No, he simply used this breaking of bread to remind the public that the officers of the NYPD are trying their best to live up to an impossible job and that they should be commended and not condemned. As it turns out, Keith’s uncle is a detective in near by Staten Island.

As a philanthropist Keith Mann understands the reasons behind giving back to the community and those who strive to keep us safe. Keith’s main focus is to work with Uncommon Schools to give their students the success tools that need to find jobs that will last after college. Mr. Mann also donates to charity on a regular basis. One charity he donates to is the well known Hope and Heros fund.

Keith Mann has been in the industry of executive search for over fifteen years. Mann is a well respected expert in the hedge fund compensation arena. When it comes to hedge funds, staffing and other hiring solutions, Keith knows how to make it all happen. Keith was a professional recruiter for several global firms in the financial services field. Around 2002, Keith realized that the hedge fund industry had a need that had a hole in it that needed to be filled. He stepped up to the plate and launched a company to help the market reach it growth potential. Follow Keith on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on his philanthropic endeavors.

Keith Mann currently is responsible for the daily operations of Dynamic Search Partners and holds the position of CEO. He continues to help his clients meet the growing needs of hiring investment, marketing and internal strategy professionals.

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