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Exciting Discover: Handy Home Services

Exciting Discover: Handy Home Services

My wife and I have been looking for a reliable home cleaning service for a couple years. We’re tired of trying all the usual things out there. We’ve tried the typical maid services in the area, and we have found little success in our area. The maid services that we tried were not up to par with what we wanted, and I honestly feel like they would hire anyone to work for them. Everything changed when we started looking online. We tried some online advertising websites, but they were limited in their results. Then, we found this exceptional site called Handy.

Handy is easy to use on the iPhone or other devices. It works kind of like Uber. You make a request for a maid, and then you are presented with a long list of options to choose from. These results have been vetted, also. Someone from the Handy company has already spoke to them, and they have been interviewed. Handy conducts a background check, and they won’t accept just anyone into their organization. It’s hard for people to get in, unless they have exceptional service skills in their industry, so you get what you want when it comes to home cleaning services in your area.

I was shocked when I found that Handy has a lot of other services to offer to people. They offer plumbing services, and they have other handy men and women in my area that are ready to come to my home to assist me. It’s so much easier to deal with than the other, old fashioned ways of hiring a service person. I already know that this person is reliable because they would not be on the Handy database if they weren’t good at what they do. Handy makes sure to cover any expenses that develop, also, so you will have peace of mind with them if you try their services.

The website you can look at is Handy.com, and I highly recommend reading over their site because it is packed full of information. You will likely find an answer to any question about Handy that you might have. If you want to give it a go, it’s easy to get started, and it’s much safer than working with a typical service person because payments are digital. With Handy, you always know how much per hour the service will cost before the job begins.