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When assessing the financial market in Brazil, several banks come up. One of the leading banks is Banco BMG bank. The bank has been in business since the 1930s until today. Ricardo Guimaraes leads the bank.


Ricardo Guimaraes started steering the bank in the late 1990s. The bank is a family business which was started by Ricardo’s grandfather. Since its establishment, the bank has undergone many changes that have all positively influenced the economy of Brazil. The bank majorly deals with payroll loans assignment. The bank in its process of becoming the best has been involved in different investments including purchasing two other banks in Brazil.


Ricardo is one of the entrepreneurs who is used as an example when talking about good business. Since he started leading, the bank has never gone under or run out resources. Ricardo always knows when and how to make good investments. Other than wisdom in the art of investment, Ricardo can choose the best team to work with and back him up.


Banco BMG clients have expressed their satisfaction by the bank’s returns. This kind of positive feedback continues to market the bank to other new customers. The more the clients, the more the returns hence more contribution to the economy at large.


Ricardo has been able to extend his investment in the branding world. One of his major branding investment is the sports market.It is a sector that has not been tapped by many investors.It makes investment highly profitable. One of Ricardo’s favorite sport is football. Ricardo funds many South American football teams. In many of the players uniforms, there is always a BMG bank logo whether on the back or the sleeve. The investment has proved to be profitable to both the players and the bank.


As an action of appreciation, the sports department has awarded Ricardo with several awards.


Ricardo Guimaraes once in a while is involved in activities that help improve small communities including his hometown Bero Horizonte.


Having been born in a prominent wealthy family, Ricardo had a lot of advantage. Ricardo took this advantage and turned it into a lucrative business which over the years has been growing.


BMG Banco bank is located in one of the biggest economies and faces a competitive market. Despite this, the group with Ricardo offering his best ideas can conquer the competition. Ricardo has tried creating a friendship with the competition. The BMG Bank has formed an alliance with the Itau bank and produced a R$ 1 billion bank. Over and over Ricardo has shown his competence in the investment and financial world. He is a blessing to us all.