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Marcio Alaor: BMG’s Social and Corporate Entrepreneur.

Marcio Alaor: BMG’s Social and Corporate Entrepreneur.

Education makes a man sociable and trainable. Marcio Alaor developed a desire to get a good education and do something good for him in life. Born in the poor neighborhoods of Santo Antonio do Monte in Brazil, Marcio became a shoe shiner to earn a penny. In his line of work, he met one Dr. Wilmar father, who was impressed by his Zealous attitude.


Marcio benefited from the mentorship of his new found friend. Today, Marcio hard work landed him a senior executive position at one of the fastest growing banks in Brazil, Banco BMG. He has become a respected and admired man in society for his accomplishments. The Brazilian financial sector looks up to experts like Marcio Alaor, especially during these volatile economic times.


Marcio defines the real meaning of a social entrepreneur. Not only does his expertise contribute to the development of the financial sector, but he also remains active in the social sector as well. He is a major contributor in forming public opinion. The development agenda never strays away from his thoughts. Despite a busy schedule, Marcio has the time to catch up with the people of his hometown. He acknowledges the need to promote the growth in rural areas and social welfare.


The local people of Santo Antonio do Monte hold Marcio dear to their hearts. He has become a symbol of humility, hard work, dedication, and self-actualization. His traits exemplify the virtues the society holds dear and rewards. A man of Marcio’s clout deserves praise and recognition. At the 33rd Agricultural exhibition in the town, a Food Court named after him was launched.


The honor was meant to compound the pride and appreciation the people felt for Marcio Alaor’s support over the years. Marcio expressed his gratitude and reiterated his duty to remain associated with the people of his homeland. He, in turn, urged the youth to chase their dreams and utilize their talents for the greater good. Regarding economic growth in the area, Marcio Alaor attested to the fact that San Antonio do Monte possesses high potential.


At Banco BMG, Marcio Alaor continues to provide strategic administration. Currently, a sports marketing program in Brazilian football is making a difference in BMG’s revenues and the game as well. Statistics on wikipedia show that BMG sponsors up to 39 teams across major leagues in Brazil. The sponsorships provide financial support for the team who then print their match gear with a logo and orange color of BMG.

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