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Highland Capital Releases Its Third Quarter Results

Highland Capital Releases Its Third Quarter Results

Finally, the much awaited Highlands capital financial results are out. They were published on the eve of festivities in 2004.They show a strong company still making significant moves in the market and intend on making it to the top. The results are representative of only 22% of the companies earning. It shows a company with a market value of $3,430,374,000. It is a 30.18 % from a time like now last year when it was valued at $4,912,889,000.

Highlands has a total of $ 15.04 billion assets. It makes its exposure in the market capped at 22.81 % of assets. In the new report, it can be seen Highlands Capital Management under Dondero has invested in new companies. These include Amazon, eagle pharmaceuticals, Danaher Corp Del, Intra Cellular Therapies Inc and Spdr S&P 500 Etf Tr.The list just shows its biggest and most profitable bets. It in the last year invested a total of 69 new stocks.

The new report still shows the awards winning healthcare subsidiary has 20% of its invested capital. The IT world and finance have 18% share, energy 12% and consumer discretionary has 10%.

Highlands has upped its stakes in various companies. It increased stake in American Airls group by 60% and Salesforce com inc by 213.34 %. It also disposed of stock in Spdr series trust, Nexpoint cr and strategies FD.They are less than 7 % of the shares.

HCM under Jim Dondero has also reduced its holdings in several companies in a bid to diversify its portfolio even more. It shows a deliberate attempt by the company to make new positions.

Highlands capital management was founded by James Dondero in 1993 with his business Partner Mike Okada. Jim still acts at its managing director and has led the company to its most essential growth yet. He is a finance and accounting graduate from the University of Virginia. He is also a CFA, a CMA and a certified accountant.

Jim is a renowned investor. Besides Highlands, he is the founder and CEO at Nexpoint and its affiliates. Jim also serves on numerous boards of companies around Dallas. He chairs the board of Cornerstone health and CSS medical.

On a personal level, Jim is a Christian who regularly attends church on Sundays. He is also a Reagan Republican and is active in philanthropy. He has helped numerous veterans’ families find stability.

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