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Charles Koch Investing in Higher Education

Charles Koch Investing in Higher Education

Recently in news, it has been made clear how much influence the Koch brothers have on benefiting the education system within the United States. In 2014, 23.4 million dollars was donated by the generous Koch brothers in an attempt to influence the College system in a beneficial way. This amount is double the amount that was donated in 2012 which was 12.7 million dollars. The idea behind investing in higher education was to gain Charles and David influence in order to improve the education system that is currently used within the United States. These granted programs that come with the funds are also aligned with domestic policies that are being improved.

Private investment of higher education is also a benefit because it improves the philosophy of a laissez-faire capitalism society that has already been enacted in the United States. This form of government is beneficial because the Koch brothers believe that great good can be done through private investment instead of through government spending.

Though the Koch brothers have influence within the education system at Universities, the Koch brothers ensure that all academic professors retain full academic freedom in their teaching styles. An example of a University that received funding from the Koch brothers is George Mason University which received 16.8 million dollars in 2014. With this money, Charles Koch as maintained close ties with this University with the purpose of observing as to how this University will flourish with the generous donation. George Mason University will utilize these donations for several programs such as their free market economics program as well as their individual liberty program.

Out of the 50 states in the United States, 41 states have at least one college that has received a substantial amount from the Koch brothers. The Koch brothers believe in funding higher education and in addition to this, they believe in funding important resources such as think tanks, educational centers as well as media organizations.

When sitting down for an interview, Charles Koch remarked in his interest in investing in systems that promote results. Higher education, to Charles Koch, seems like the best return on investment. His belief is that if people invest in the future and invest on improving the future, there will only be positive results. Charles Koch is an example of a man with a savvy business mind who will continue making smart investments in promoting the higher education.

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