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Rio was named recently as one of the heaviest states in Brazil. It has an overweight rate of 60.4 % against a national average of 50%.The study has prompted the 47-year-old health boss in the state to launch healthy feeding campaign in his state. He urges people to eat heavy breakfast’s rich in nutrients. This meal is crucial as it gives you an all-day energy boost. Your dinner servings should be small portions since you will spend the night asleep. He discourages the chewing of gum as it tricks the stomach you are ugly even when you not. He also advises people to shun coffee and processed foods. These proactive strategies allow people to cut weight without going to extreme lengths. He bemoans the lack of exercising culture in Brazil. It combined with a fast growing fast foods culture increasing the rate of obesity in the country. Obesity is a dangerous disease since it’s the primary trigger of other lifestyle diseases. It is the leading cause of diabetes and high blood pressure in the country.
Sergio Cortes also advises against back problems. It is a common problem in Rio caused by poor walking and sitting postures. Medical back problems are very painful and lead to lost productivity. Their remedies are very simple practices like regular exercises and proper walking and sitting positions.Dr. Sergio Cortes urges people to swim regularly, take walks, do yoga and cycle. He says Poor posture can cause neck stiffness, sciatica pain, and herniated disc. These symptoms point to a much larger and chronic problem.
Sergio Cortes is the state health secretary in charge of Rio state. The 47-year-old is charged with ensuring a smooth running health department in a state faced with a myriad of challenges. His busy schedule and amazing work ethic have earned him admiration across the state. He was recently admitted to a local hospital due to a fire accident but has since recovered. His admission to a local hospital shows off his trust to the local resources available in the country. He bounced back from his accident to lead the state in the opening of the Dengue Hydration Center at Xerem, Duque de Caxias.It is a center designed to help flood victims deal with dehydration. It can serve up to 300 people in a day and has 12 chairs. He also opened a local garbage collection center. We wish Sergio Cortes the best of luck.

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