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Food court Marcio Araujo Alaor was opened on the 24th of August 2014 in Santo Antonio do Monte.It was named in respect to Banco BMG vice president Mr. Marcio Alaor.The bank manager received the honor for the role he has played in helping the community around the region. The occasion was graced by local municipality leaders including the Mayer, local union leaders, and politicians. It was an occasion befitting a man who rose from a humble shoe shiner to become one of the most senior business leaders in Brazil.
Wilmar Son during the inauguration spoke favorably of the banker commending him for his insight in transforming the former grain barn into a food court. It was a genius foresight he added. Naming it after him was symbolic of the many lives it was going to feed given the importance of the local food economy to the local economy.Mr. Luis Antonio thanked him on behalf of the rural folks and was grateful for the work they did. He emphasized the personality of Marcio was important in achieving this milestone, and it was going to benefit the local community significantly. Another Rural community organization president was elated he opened the place and wasn’t expecting any political gifts. It is the real mark of a gentleman and a leader.
In his speech, Marcio looked euphoric given the recognition they had given him. He gave a moving story of his beginnings with nothing to who he is today. From the shoeshine tent to the boardroom, he says this journey has always encouraged him to help others. He was humbled and honored by the love the people had shown and felt appreciated. He was quick to add he was always going to serve the city that made him and the city he loves and calls home. He has joined the list of other senior people from the city who have gone one to shape it.
It is efforts by people like Marcio that have shaped the city of late. Its rural backwater was named the biggest milk producer in the Central West Minas region in part to due to Marcios efforts. It has a significant rural farming population that to date continues to shape it.This community has been relying on an inefficient system that has seen many trapped in the cycle of poverty for generations.
He was honored in the 33rd edition of the Expose Samonte (Holy Agricultural Exhibition) at Santo Antonio Do Monte.It was a packed event attended most local officials. Banco BMG is the biggest provider of Consigned credit in Brazil with the largest distribution network in the world.