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Jaime Garcia Dias – Constructive Innovation

Jaime Garcia Dias – Constructive Innovation

Writing career is about to form a tidal wave. People with every background, skill, and reason want to become writers and explore in the field of literature. Well-known people who are in other fields are confidently leading the way into writing business. To them, writing is clearly a platform to express their opinions, passion and things they like to say. Other people have begun or soon will realize how powerful writing can be.

Jaime Garcia Dias who has worked for Carioca Literature Academy, Brazil’s leading literature institution, and who has a sizable following for his Vimeo videos, has made a number of contributions in this field. When interviewers queried him about his passion for writing, he said that the field has received a lot of attention in the country. And he firmly stands by what he believes in. Literature academy like this is a collection for ideas and creativity of writers from all over Brazil and serves many purposes. The lifeline of these writers falls in tune with what Jaime calls innovation in the literature world. He feels these writers are heading to a long phase within this field and once they understand it fully that they will find their place.

On his Twitter Jaime Garcia Dias feels that the the future for writers is bright in Brazil, whichh occurs when many writers and academies work together, creating a seamless system. An example is his Carioca Literature Academy for which he serves as the Vice President. Platforms like these are expected to become helpful resources for aspiring writers across Brazil. According to Jaime, writers will overwhelmingly prefer academies like these as a form of communication where they can attend seminars, talk shows and camps. Being good in writing, as the generation matures, they will embrace new techniques for writing as well. It is equivalent to the next big thing in literature. Jaime’s work has become a revolutionary tool merging creativity with literature in many levels. As the writing is refined, it too will become widely accepted as a great career to pursue. People will be or are being introduced to this pleasant environment of writing through literature academies. The wave is somewhat small now in Brazil but tend to grow substantially in the future years. People will apply their writing skills in ways that work for them. This wave will continue to grow with unique skills and opportunities. For Jaime Garcia Dias, popularity has certainly helped in many ways. He has become a prominent figure to go for advice about literature field. His advice and suggestions are transforming the way people perceive writing as career. For Jaime, writing has brought a lot of comfort and happiness as well. He has used articles for Jornal do Brazil as a platform to tell stories from his childhood in addition to producing several videos for YouTube.