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Slyce’s New Suite of Visual Search Tools

Slyce’s New Suite of Visual Search Tools

Slyce is a Toronto based company that offers advanced 3D visual technology. The technologies enables limitless client engagement for companies by just a simple capture of a photo from a mobile device. It offers label visual technology, which is used by large retailers, and premier brands such as JCPenny, Niemen Marcus, Home depot and Tilly’s. The image recognition technology helps to increase consumer engagement and boost some of the mobile-based revenues.

The company announced that it would hold an event that shall display various visual search tools. According to Yahoo!Finance, the company shall launch other services that can only be found in beta development currently. Slyce’s image recognition technology shall be integrated into the mobile ecommerce applications of the retailers. The users will only take an image either of 3D or of 2D and which is transformed and presented into matching products in question. This shall enable consumers to purchase products from any location and time. In addition, the new visual search tools increases the sales of the companies by providing to clients relevant out-of-stock alternatives through use of advanced visual attribute analysis.

Slyce shall also highlight a wide range of proprietary products and an exclusive preview of some of beta products. Some of the consumer intelligence big data analytics to be showcased include universal scanner, snap to-coupon and Slyce insights. Universal scanner is an online tool that allows customers to take a picture of the product they are interested in and receive an exact match of the product immediately. It includes use of QR codes, barcodes, and coupons. Slyce insights is a platform that constructs meaningful information from contextual format of product images. It provides to the retailers a unique view of how the customers leverage the visual search to improve their online shopping experiences. The snap-to-coupon help retailers who use Apps to capture photo of printed coupons in catalogs, newspapers, magazines or any other form of media and generate mobile based version. The optimized mobile version is stored in the In-App and users receive notifications to redeem, when the coupons are near expiry and when near retail stores.