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New Beauty Trend: Rainbow Eyebrows

New Beauty Trend: Rainbow Eyebrows

Anyone who has ever changed the shape of their eyebrows knows that these few hundred hairs above the eyes are crucial for the overall appearance of the face because one wrong move is enough to look angry, confused or surprised. Besides being able to express our emotions, eyebrows have a lot of influence on the symmetry of the face, and studies have shown that their shape greatly affects how attractive a person appears to be.
Over the years, the trends about the shape of the eyebrows have not changed much, but some of them have managed to overcome the test of time. Today we present you Lime Crime on tumblr with the latest trend in eyebrow coloring.
It is easy to assume that all of the girls are about to reach for the crazy colors, which they have probably seen at the Fashion Week where many models walk on the catwalk with natural hair colors but with colorful eyebrows. It was not long before some girls decided to try out the new trend and be proud of the results, which they shared on the Instagram.
For now, you’ve probably seen many ladies having all kinds of crazy colored hair, but this trend will absolutely surprise you.
First, we had white granny hair, then pastel hair color and finally, the crazy “fifty-fifty” hair. However, these sweet hair colors are not the only things that we want in order to get a colorful makeover.
Now, all of the fashionistas paint their eyebrows in various shades which are consistent with their hair color. Thus, eyebrows in the rainbow colors are now the right thing, and this idea is the latest beauty trend.
We have seen many ladies who are brave enough to color their eyebrows in monochrome shades of blue, pink and purple that match the color of their hair, but those who really want to make a bolder look of their eyebrows like to have a completely different hair color.
Although the thought of having pink or purple eyebrows may remind others of the look of a clown from their worst nightmares, you’ll be surprised how applying just a little paint on your eyebrows can look fashionable and make your look better. Pastel eyebrows were all over the runways at Fashion Week, and if you want to experiment with this trend, we recommend you to experiment with a makeup instead of trying permanent paints because they can wash at the end of the day.
You should especially try modern ombre eyebrows that look chic with glasses.
In any case, whatever the color you choose for your eyebrows, it will surely help you attract others’ attention.
If you want to be noticed wherever you go, this is the right solution for you!
If you are a brave girl and want to try something new and refresh your style (and face), you should definitely makeover your eyebrows and color them in the rainbow colors. It is so much easier with Lime Crime because they have a great variety of offers for us girls who want to look unique and attractive at the same time.