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BMG Lays Down Strategies On Enhancing Its Operations As Advocated By Ricardo Guimaraes

BMG Lays Down Strategies On Enhancing Its Operations As Advocated By Ricardo Guimaraes

BMG is a Brazilian financial institution that has been in operation since 1930. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes, a member of the Pentagna Guimaraes family that controls that bank, leads the firm. BMG as a brand is well known throughout Brazil because of its sales strength and its capability to read major market shifts. BMG undertakes its functions with high standards of integrity. In order to enhance their operational excellence, the institution has integrated its functions with the latest technologies.
The financial institution has registered massive success under the stewardship of Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo is the current president and chief executive officer of BMG. He prefers to work with a professional team. Ricardo has been working with professional teams with the objective of streamlining the bank’s operations in line with set industry rules and regulations. This move has enabled BMG to comply with all the industry requirements without getting into scandals throughout the 80 years that it has been in operation. Its board of director is made up of 40 % of independent members. The independent members include the chairperson of the different committees. The financial institution upholds its code of ethics that is available for all its shareholders, internal audit and anti money laundering program. The bank has a strategic investor relations department that has been pivotal in enhancing cordial relations with the investors.
The highest priority of BMG has been to work with top-notch credit portfolios. The financial institution focuses on augmenting its credit policy that is conservative and cautious. A credit committee is responsible for making decision on any credit program in a design that complies with the bank’s standards of intelligence and efficiency.
Aware of its conservative profile, BMG has sought to increase the profitability from its products. Such profitability is guaranteed by ensuring quality for its customer portfolio and responsible credit. BMG is also working on developing new enterprises that meet the client needs and those that create value to the organization. In order to meet client’s expectations and add value to the institution, the bank has made up pillars to support this initiative. The pillars are centered on profitability that comes from growing the loan portfolio, asset quality that aims at creating a quality credit portfolio and human capital where the bank is focused on assembling a high performance team. Such pillars also constitute operational efficiency that seeks at building a strong corporate structure. The company aims at diversify its funding sources in a bid to improve on its profitability margins.