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Griffin’s Road to Success

Griffin’s Road to Success

The world has changed and the business structure has in effect followed suit in the same breath. As a result, we are experiencing a great level of transformation in the business industry from all over the world and the development of technology and innovation are a factor that has majorly contributed to this growth. As the world’s business front changes and as it take the new formation, there are several other aspects that are also developing as a result. In this light, finance is one of the greatest growing aspect of business that the world is seeing toady. In the finance sector, no one does it better in terms of advising than Mr. Ken Griffin.

Born in America, Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin, was an ambitious young man and most off his young life was spent in Florida. As fate would have it, he was lucky to be one of the few privileged student to earn a chance in the reputed Harvard University where he shaped his future to become what he is today. At Harvard, he began the journey of investment and built a great idea from it. He was inspired by an article he read from a Forbes magazine that challenged him to pursue his goals and this was his saving grace.

As he was still dealing with his investment endeavors while still in Harvard, Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin’s talent and expertise caught the eye of a legendary investor, Frank Meyer. Frank Meyer was amazed by Griffin’s ideas and he eventually liked him and decided to support him. He loaned the young investor at the time a loan that would be the turning point in Griffin’s life. With the $1 million loan given freely by Frank Meyer, Griffin was able to create enough resources out of it and eventually they both benefited from his investment. In fact, Meyer went home with 70% of the much he had invested in Griffin.

Later after graduation and employments here and there, Griffin was able to make some money and have some savings of his own. As a child, he always wanted to have his own business running and this dream was almost knocking at his door step. I the early 90s, he stepped out of his comfort zones and moved in determination to start Griffin’s company, Citadel. From his savings and contributions from friend and family, he was able to collect a capital of $4 million. This is what was used to start the multi-million company that Citadel is today.

Griffin worked very hard in within no time, the capital he had of about $ 4M had grown and the business was placed at a capital worth of $1 billion. As a result, Griffin has been into some of the greatest lists of achiever especially the Forbes magazine. He has built a name for himself in the business world and his reputation is with no doubt one of the most admirable among his fellow professionals and he has been always on the forefront in making things happen in the industry.