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The Life and Labors of Kheradpir Shaygan

The Life and Labors of Kheradpir Shaygan

Shaygan Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a B.A., M.A., and PhD. in electrical engineering. During his many successful years in the technology business he has accomplished many astounding achievements, the greatest of which have been as the inventor and pioneer of fiber optic communications. His journey with Verizon began in 2000 when GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to form their technological brainchild. He achieved the technological masterpiece that is fiber optic communications while at Verizon, successfully getting T.V., telephone, and the internet to work together.

During these years he led a massive workforce of 7,000 who he split up into many different exploratory and innovative teams. Fiber optic has been just one of the many groundbreaking innovations by these groups. They introduced many other things such as Lobi and Verizon One. He also made Verizon a major powerhouse by drastically reducing costs and dramatically increasing the flow of finances. However, Verizon did not see his only successes. Like many banks, the London-based bank giant, Barclays, recognized that technology was beginning to play a huge role in the modern banking environment.

To this end, they made the decision to hire Shaygan. He came on board in January 2011 as its Chief Operating Officer for Retail and Business Banking. While at Barclays, he was instrumental in helping start both the Transform program and the Pingit mobile money system. He would be a driving force of Barclays technology systems for two years. It was not long after joining Barclays that Kheradpir was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In this role, he became the first technology executive of the bank’s top leadership. He was so high up in his role that he reported to the bank’s top dog, Antony Jenkins. Shaygan had two main responsibilities in this position: 1) Administration of worldwide customer service and 2) Furtherance of the bank’s technological departments. In January 2014, Shaygan took the office as CEO of Juniper Networks. He served in this position until November of the same year. However, during his brief time with the company, Shaygan managed to make several changes which revolutionized how the company operates.

Throughout the years, Shaygan has also maintained seats on several very prestigious national technology boards. He currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Coriant, an international technology firm that aids over 100 companies throughout the world find networking solutions. He officially assumed this role in September but has been working with the management team since early 2015. In his position, Shaygan is charged with forming growth and focus strategies for the future performance of the company.