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Background and Education

Andrew “Andy” Wirth was born July 25th, 1963 in Nuebrucke, West Germany and has worked in the mountain resort and hotel industry for 25 years. He attended Colorado State University and moved on to furthering his education at Edinburgh University in Scotland. During this time, Wirth gained experience as a backcountry ranger for Rocky Mountain National Parks including being a wilderness ranger in San Pedro Parks Wilderness Area. Seeing as how Conrad, Wirth’s grandfather was a former US National Parks Service Director, it seemed Andy Wirth inherited a heart for National Parks.

Upon completion of college, Andy Wirth started his career journey at Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation as an intern in 1986. Wirth’s official title changed over 20 years, specifically on the marketing aspect, until he was promoted to the company Intrawest. Intrawest had become the parent company after buying Steamboat Ski and Resort Corporation in 2006 and Wirth was named the Chief Marketing Officer along with the executive vice president of sales and marketing. His responsibilities were management of domestic and global marketing strategy for all resorts owned by the company. Wirth would also take on several other roles, most well known, the president of the Mountain Village Partnership which aimed at supporting local businesses. He remained with Intrawest until the year 2010.

Current Job Status

The Cushing family had run the Squaw Valley Ski Resort for almost 70 years. However, that changed in 2010 when Andy Wirth was formally given the title new CEO of the company. After 16 years of Nancy Cushing being Director of Squaw Valley ski resort, she would move on passing the company down to Wirth, who ended up supervising a $70 million upgrade to the resort. This helped the company get up to date with the current competition skiing areas. In just after one year of these changes, Squaw Valley, reconstructed its reputation putting the company in the top 20 percent of the skiing enterprise.

In addition, another change was the result of Alpine Meadows Ski Resort merging with Squaw Valley. This allows customers to purchase one ticket for access to both resorts. With the merging of both resorts, Wirth had taken over Alpine Meadows ski resort as CEO too. By age 49, Wirth focuses on philanthropy to go with his CEO tasks at work. His newest title lately is being appointed Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board.

Slyce is a Toronto based company that offers advanced 3D visual technology. The technologies enables limitless client engagement for companies by just a simple capture of a photo from a mobile device. It offers label visual technology, which is used by large retailers, and premier brands such as JCPenny, Niemen Marcus, Home depot and Tilly’s. The image recognition technology helps to increase consumer engagement and boost some of the mobile-based revenues.

The company announced that it would hold an event that shall display various visual search tools. According to Yahoo!Finance, the company shall launch other services that can only be found in beta development currently. Slyce’s image recognition technology shall be integrated into the mobile ecommerce applications of the retailers. The users will only take an image either of 3D or of 2D and which is transformed and presented into matching products in question. This shall enable consumers to purchase products from any location and time. In addition, the new visual search tools increases the sales of the companies by providing to clients relevant out-of-stock alternatives through use of advanced visual attribute analysis.

Slyce shall also highlight a wide range of proprietary products and an exclusive preview of some of beta products. Some of the consumer intelligence big data analytics to be showcased include universal scanner, snap to-coupon and Slyce insights. Universal scanner is an online tool that allows customers to take a picture of the product they are interested in and receive an exact match of the product immediately. It includes use of QR codes, barcodes, and coupons. Slyce insights is a platform that constructs meaningful information from contextual format of product images. It provides to the retailers a unique view of how the customers leverage the visual search to improve their online shopping experiences. The snap-to-coupon help retailers who use Apps to capture photo of printed coupons in catalogs, newspapers, magazines or any other form of media and generate mobile based version. The optimized mobile version is stored in the In-App and users receive notifications to redeem, when the coupons are near expiry and when near retail stores.

Anyone who has ever changed the shape of their eyebrows knows that these few hundred hairs above the eyes are crucial for the overall appearance of the face because one wrong move is enough to look angry, confused or surprised. Besides being able to express our emotions, eyebrows have a lot of influence on the symmetry of the face, and studies have shown that their shape greatly affects how attractive a person appears to be.
Over the years, the trends about the shape of the eyebrows have not changed much, but some of them have managed to overcome the test of time. Today we present you Lime Crime on tumblr with the latest trend in eyebrow coloring.
It is easy to assume that all of the girls are about to reach for the crazy colors, which they have probably seen at the Fashion Week where many models walk on the catwalk with natural hair colors but with colorful eyebrows. It was not long before some girls decided to try out the new trend and be proud of the results, which they shared on the Instagram.
For now, you’ve probably seen many ladies having all kinds of crazy colored hair, but this trend will absolutely surprise you.
First, we had white granny hair, then pastel hair color and finally, the crazy “fifty-fifty” hair. However, these sweet hair colors are not the only things that we want in order to get a colorful makeover.
Now, all of the fashionistas paint their eyebrows in various shades which are consistent with their hair color. Thus, eyebrows in the rainbow colors are now the right thing, and this idea is the latest beauty trend.
We have seen many ladies who are brave enough to color their eyebrows in monochrome shades of blue, pink and purple that match the color of their hair, but those who really want to make a bolder look of their eyebrows like to have a completely different hair color.
Although the thought of having pink or purple eyebrows may remind others of the look of a clown from their worst nightmares, you’ll be surprised how applying just a little paint on your eyebrows can look fashionable and make your look better. Pastel eyebrows were all over the runways at Fashion Week, and if you want to experiment with this trend, we recommend you to experiment with a makeup instead of trying permanent paints because they can wash at the end of the day.
You should especially try modern ombre eyebrows that look chic with glasses.
In any case, whatever the color you choose for your eyebrows, it will surely help you attract others’ attention.
If you want to be noticed wherever you go, this is the right solution for you!
If you are a brave girl and want to try something new and refresh your style (and face), you should definitely makeover your eyebrows and color them in the rainbow colors. It is so much easier with Lime Crime because they have a great variety of offers for us girls who want to look unique and attractive at the same time.

BMG is a Brazilian financial institution that has been in operation since 1930. Ricardo Annes Guimaraes, a member of the Pentagna Guimaraes family that controls that bank, leads the firm. BMG as a brand is well known throughout Brazil because of its sales strength and its capability to read major market shifts. BMG undertakes its functions with high standards of integrity. In order to enhance their operational excellence, the institution has integrated its functions with the latest technologies.
The financial institution has registered massive success under the stewardship of Ricardo Guimaraes. Ricardo is the current president and chief executive officer of BMG. He prefers to work with a professional team. Ricardo has been working with professional teams with the objective of streamlining the bank’s operations in line with set industry rules and regulations. This move has enabled BMG to comply with all the industry requirements without getting into scandals throughout the 80 years that it has been in operation. Its board of director is made up of 40 % of independent members. The independent members include the chairperson of the different committees. The financial institution upholds its code of ethics that is available for all its shareholders, internal audit and anti money laundering program. The bank has a strategic investor relations department that has been pivotal in enhancing cordial relations with the investors.
The highest priority of BMG has been to work with top-notch credit portfolios. The financial institution focuses on augmenting its credit policy that is conservative and cautious. A credit committee is responsible for making decision on any credit program in a design that complies with the bank’s standards of intelligence and efficiency.
Aware of its conservative profile, BMG has sought to increase the profitability from its products. Such profitability is guaranteed by ensuring quality for its customer portfolio and responsible credit. BMG is also working on developing new enterprises that meet the client needs and those that create value to the organization. In order to meet client’s expectations and add value to the institution, the bank has made up pillars to support this initiative. The pillars are centered on profitability that comes from growing the loan portfolio, asset quality that aims at creating a quality credit portfolio and human capital where the bank is focused on assembling a high performance team. Such pillars also constitute operational efficiency that seeks at building a strong corporate structure. The company aims at diversify its funding sources in a bid to improve on its profitability margins.

The world has changed and the business structure has in effect followed suit in the same breath. As a result, we are experiencing a great level of transformation in the business industry from all over the world and the development of technology and innovation are a factor that has majorly contributed to this growth. As the world’s business front changes and as it take the new formation, there are several other aspects that are also developing as a result. In this light, finance is one of the greatest growing aspect of business that the world is seeing toady. In the finance sector, no one does it better in terms of advising than Mr. Ken Griffin.

Born in America, Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin, was an ambitious young man and most off his young life was spent in Florida. As fate would have it, he was lucky to be one of the few privileged student to earn a chance in the reputed Harvard University where he shaped his future to become what he is today. At Harvard, he began the journey of investment and built a great idea from it. He was inspired by an article he read from a Forbes magazine that challenged him to pursue his goals and this was his saving grace.

As he was still dealing with his investment endeavors while still in Harvard, Mr. Kenneth C. Griffin’s talent and expertise caught the eye of a legendary investor, Frank Meyer. Frank Meyer was amazed by Griffin’s ideas and he eventually liked him and decided to support him. He loaned the young investor at the time a loan that would be the turning point in Griffin’s life. With the $1 million loan given freely by Frank Meyer, Griffin was able to create enough resources out of it and eventually they both benefited from his investment. In fact, Meyer went home with 70% of the much he had invested in Griffin.

Later after graduation and employments here and there, Griffin was able to make some money and have some savings of his own. As a child, he always wanted to have his own business running and this dream was almost knocking at his door step. I the early 90s, he stepped out of his comfort zones and moved in determination to start Griffin’s company, Citadel. From his savings and contributions from friend and family, he was able to collect a capital of $4 million. This is what was used to start the multi-million company that Citadel is today.

Griffin worked very hard in within no time, the capital he had of about $ 4M had grown and the business was placed at a capital worth of $1 billion. As a result, Griffin has been into some of the greatest lists of achiever especially the Forbes magazine. He has built a name for himself in the business world and his reputation is with no doubt one of the most admirable among his fellow professionals and he has been always on the forefront in making things happen in the industry.

Are you a very busy person who does not have time to do your own cleaning? Want to hire a reputable house cleaning company with an expert team of cleaning professionals? When it comes to selecting a trusted residential cleaning company, consider Handy. Although there are many companies out there rendering home cleaning services to customers across the nation, not many of them can compare to Handy. It is always advisable to go with a company that has an established track record.

Handy is well known for providing top notch cleaning services to home around the country. Numerous people are completely satisfied with the quality service that they have received from Handy, and they keep on recommending Handy on recode to their friends and family. If you want to get the best cleaning service available, look no further than Handy.

Regarding how your residential place appears, you have high expectations. You want the most reliable home cleaning service. After all, your home is an impression of you. It is imperative that you hire the services of a professional home cleaning company. Handy is the professional residential cleaning company that people around the country recommend to relatives and friends.

Handy is a professional home cleaning company that has a reputation for providing top outstanding home cleaning services throughout the country. Their deep cleaning technique and products allow them to make your house tidy and fresh, providing a comfortable and appealing residential environment. They have well trained, dedicated cleaning teams, and they use environmentally safe products and supplies, high tech equipment and unique cleaning process that provide customers an affordable and unmatchable house cleaning service.

They offer flexible scheduling and rescheduling for their comprehensive residential cleaning services, and all they need is an early notice for any rescheduling or cancelations. Their expert cleaners bring their own equipment and supplies and cleaning solutions. If you have a big home or large area to be cleaned, they will send a team of competent cleaners to handle the job.

Whether you need a one-time cleaning service, a weekly service, bi-weekly service or if you need cleaning on a monthly basis, Handy will accommodate your need. Handy has been in business for a long tome and they understand what it takes to meet customers’ needs. You will be absolutely pleased with Handy’s professional home cleaning service.

To learn more or to schedule a cleaning service with Handy, you need to go online and visit their website. You can also request a free and easy estimate. You will be required to provide information about your home and your cleaning requirements. Contacting Handy only takes a few minutes, and you can even use your mobile device.

Madison Street Capital, the international investment firm, has its hands in airport services, advertising, commercial printing, data processing, human resources, IT consulting, office services and supplies and several other industries. The company executives arrange cost-effective financing, and they produce capitalization structures that maximize client’s needs. Charles Botchway, the CEO of Madison Street Capital, and his team match buyers and sellers, design cost-effective financing and provide excellent advisory services. The company’s team of advisors are experts at mergers and acquisitions and business evaluations.
Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala and advisor Kevin Owen have been intently watching the oil saga for the last several months because of their association with Integrated Oil Company. Marsala and Owen think the U.S. production of oil is finally making Saudi Arabia reduce their oil price. That’s a big move, and Marsala and Owen are prepared to take advantage of it. Saudi Arabia has been dragging its feet on reducing oil prices even though other members of OPEC have done so. The state-run oil company made some deep price cuts on the oil they sent to the United States and Asia recently. The interesting point to the Madison Street Capital team is the Saudi government has not cut production. The country believes the new price of their oil will motivate more buying.
Crude oil has lost more than 50 percent of its value in 2015, and there are some definite winners and losers because of that price drop. Some stock losers like Chevron, BP, and Shell can afford the drop and many investors like the Madison Street Capital team know this has prompted some major investors to buy stock in these companies. The oil scenario is a typical example of how Madison Street Capital helps their clients. The company advisors know when the time is right to buy and when to sell, and that is an art that is hard to learn.
Madison Street Capital helps their clients from their Chicago office, but the company also has a presence in Asia and Africa. Their international connections help the company identify investment opportunities before the rest of the market. Saudi Arabia’s price drop is just one example of how tuned in the executives of Madison Street Capital are to investment news. The company has the ability to react quickly because of its size. Madison Street Capital investors know time is money in the deal-making world

Shaygan Kheradpir graduated from Cornell University with a B.A., M.A., and PhD. in electrical engineering. During his many successful years in the technology business he has accomplished many astounding achievements, the greatest of which have been as the inventor and pioneer of fiber optic communications. His journey with Verizon began in 2000 when GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic to form their technological brainchild. He achieved the technological masterpiece that is fiber optic communications while at Verizon, successfully getting T.V., telephone, and the internet to work together.

During these years he led a massive workforce of 7,000 who he split up into many different exploratory and innovative teams. Fiber optic has been just one of the many groundbreaking innovations by these groups. They introduced many other things such as Lobi and Verizon One. He also made Verizon a major powerhouse by drastically reducing costs and dramatically increasing the flow of finances. However, Verizon did not see his only successes. Like many banks, the London-based bank giant, Barclays, recognized that technology was beginning to play a huge role in the modern banking environment.

To this end, they made the decision to hire Shaygan. He came on board in January 2011 as its Chief Operating Officer for Retail and Business Banking. While at Barclays, he was instrumental in helping start both the Transform program and the Pingit mobile money system. He would be a driving force of Barclays technology systems for two years. It was not long after joining Barclays that Kheradpir was promoted to Chief Operations and Technology Officer. In this role, he became the first technology executive of the bank’s top leadership. He was so high up in his role that he reported to the bank’s top dog, Antony Jenkins. Shaygan had two main responsibilities in this position: 1) Administration of worldwide customer service and 2) Furtherance of the bank’s technological departments. In January 2014, Shaygan took the office as CEO of Juniper Networks. He served in this position until November of the same year. However, during his brief time with the company, Shaygan managed to make several changes which revolutionized how the company operates.

Throughout the years, Shaygan has also maintained seats on several very prestigious national technology boards. He currently sits as Chairman of the Board of Coriant, an international technology firm that aids over 100 companies throughout the world find networking solutions. He officially assumed this role in September but has been working with the management team since early 2015. In his position, Shaygan is charged with forming growth and focus strategies for the future performance of the company.

Gold is a popular investment, particularly during bad economic times when it typically acts as a counter to down markets. People often purchase gold as a hedge against these down turns as well as a way of limiting inflation risk and it is highly recommended to purchase at least some gold for your portfolio. But what is the best method for holding gold? There are many options each with their pluses and minuses.

Gold bullion is the purest form of gold that can be owned and is basically just a gold block. While this provides pure exposure to gold it needs to be stored and maintained and is only available in set denominations. While owning gold bullion makes sense for some individuals, it doesn’t for all and in particular smaller sized investors who have to turn to alternative ways of investing.

Many smaller investors will turn to gold electronically traded funds (ETFs) that purchase gold bullion and store it on behalf of the investors. While this provides investors with the benefit of the pure exposure to gold and no additional time spent to store the gold, gold ETFs do charge a management fee for their operating costs.

Some people choose to invest in gold mining companies but the value of these companies can be significantly impacted by factors outside of the price of gold. This can be good or bad depending on the underlying company and their success in mining, as well as their management’s competence. This can be confusing to a new investor who is not familiar with gold markets and trading and expert advise is often needed to find the right gold investments.

Finally, other options include purchasing gold jewelry and gold coins and holding these as investments. There are unique benefits and risks to each as both can retain value above and beyond the intrinsic value of the gold in the coins themselves and can be repurchased into bullion if their value declines below the value of gold. However, it sometimes takes an expert eye to understand and locate bargains with gold jewelry and coins.

Gold investing, as we have seen, can be confusing and it is important to gain the expertise and experience of professionals to help to locate the best way to invest, given your unique situation. That is where a firm like US Money Reserve, Inc. can step in and provide you with the assistance that you need in locating the right gold investments and understanding how to purchase gold in the best way for you. Reach out to US Money Reserve, Inc. to learn about the services that they offer to current and potential gold investors so that you can gain the gold investments you need for your portfolio.

The Qi group is excited about the new QNET’s brand ambassador. QNET is a direct sales company known globally. The company unveiled Martina Hingis, the tennis legend, as their new brand ambassador during their yearly V-Con convention. The convention was held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
The article discussing about the partnership was released through the BusinessWire. The announcement of the partnership took place on 18 September at the Hamdan Sports Arena. Joseph Bismark, the QI Group Managing Director, made the announcement in front of the 10000 guests who were gathered to also celebrate the 17th year anniversary of QNET.
The yearly convention is a platform where the Independent Representatives of QNET get together to learn and celebrate as a group. Martina Hingis has won the Grand Slam title five times and is the International Tennis Hall Of Fame Global Ambassador. Martina is very excited with the opportunity of working with QNET. The company’s presence in over 100 countries shows its popularity thus making consumers believe in its products and services.
QNET, which has an outstanding Sports sponsorship stable that features Manchester City Football Club and Marussia Formula 1 team, has added Martina to their sports team and personality list. Martina will compete in QNET sponsored events while representing the brand in India. She will be wearing QNET’s garb during the Champions Tennis League where she is one of the participants.
Joseph Bismark played a pivotal role in founding the QI group. He left home at a tender age and went to the Philippines Mountain. Bismark stayed at the monastery and left when he was in his late teens. The philosophies and principles that he was taught at the Ashram have become a strong pillar in his management approach. He incorporated all his teachings into the business world and that is the reason why the company continues to enjoy immense success. Bismark believes that working together as a team yields a greater success.
He is not afraid of teaching his skills to members of his staff. Bismark believes that the Knowledge he imparts on his team is not limited to only his company but to any organization that any of his team members might work for or establish in the future. Joseph has mentored a number of people and helped them open their own businesses. He also established the RYTHM Foundation. This Foundation provides mentor ship and workshop programs to the members of society.