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All About Lime Crime and Cosmetics

All About Lime Crime and Cosmetics

Beauty products are really popular these days, especially among females. The FDA, which is the Food and Drug Administration, says cosmetics is something that is used on the body for cleansing, promoting attractiveness, and for beautification. Cosmetics comes from the Greek word “kosmetikē tekhnē” which means technique of dress and ornament.The Ancient Egyptians used to make a red dye and lipstick. When Ancient Egyptians tombs were dugout,people found a lot of beauty products in the tombs such as castor oil, skin creams made out of olive oil, beeswax, and rose water. They even used Vaseline and Lanolin. The Ancient Romans also used cosmetics.Beauty products today are seen in stores across the world. You can easily get lotions, perfumes, powders, lipstick, facial makeup, colored contact lenses, hair sprays ,gel, bath oils, and skin care cream. These are just to name a few. There are many types of cosmetics to buy for your own use.Every cosmetic is used for different purposes. Primer is supposed to prolong the length of time the makeup stays on your skin.You are supposed to add primer to your face before foundation. Lipstick, lip liner, and lip balm is supposed to add color to your lips.Lipsticks and lip balm have a wide range of colors and different finishes. Some lipsticks are waterproof and they come with a applicator brush. Lip balms are different from lipsticks because they are used to moisturize and protect your lips. Concealer is a beauty product that you use when you want to cover your imperfections on your skin. You can use it to cover dark circles under your eyes and/or blemishes.Concealer should be applied over your foundation and it can be long lasting.
Lime Crime is a very popular on DOLLSKILL.COM their line of beauty products that is used around the world today. Over the years, many people have had many positive things to say about Lime Crime. They have a variety of lipsticks. What makes Lime Crime so popular is not only its variety, but also its different shades and glitter.They are $16 and have colors such as pink, purple,blue, black and orange. The names of Lime Crimes lipsticks are : Airborne Unicorn, Centrifuchsia, Cosmopop, Countessa Fluorescent, D’Lilac,Great Pink Planet, My Beautiful Rocket,No She Didn’t ,Retrofuturist, and Styletto. Overall, the lipsticks are very bright and colorful. They all have a customized design and a unique look to each of them. For girls that are into bright colors that will make you stand out, Lime Crime is a good makeup brand to look at. Their cosmetics really stands out from the rest.Lime Crime is known for the very high pigmentation in the variety of colors. Lime Crime is also known for the non-drying texture of the lipsticks.A cosmetics company that has excellent customer service is hard to find. Lime Crime has a record of superb customer service. They also have a no questions asked return policy .That is why Lime Crime is very popular on a global scale. They have many happy customers.