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FreedomPop Begins To Expand Outside The US With Trial In UK

FreedomPop Begins To Expand Outside The US With Trial In UK

FreedomPop has begun to expand outside of the US and into Europe. The company is notable for disrupting major mobile phone carriers such as AT&T and Sprint by offering customers a completely free plan for smartphones. Under the company’s free plan a person gets 200 minutes of call time, 200 MB of data for surfing and browsing, and 200 text messages at no charge.

Its free plan has been a hit in the United States and the company has garnered over 600,000 registered users. Now the company is expanding into new market segments such as the UK. Fortune.com free mobile service in the UK was announced this summer and the company began contacting interested parties in the middle of September. “Alpha testing” is currently being done by the company through a group of people who are interested in trying out FreedomPop during a trial period. This testing will provide FreedomPop with valuable feedback that it can use to adjust its services and products to better suit the UK market. The company is planning to officially launch its services in the United Kingdom towards the end of the year once alpha testing has been completed.

FreedomPop has already divulged what plans will be available to customers in the UK. Its most popular free service will be available as well as two premium services. The premium plans will cost extra but come with extra features and additional data. A 1 GB premium plan costs an additional $13 dollars and offers voicemail, 1000 messages and 1 gigabyte of data. The 2 GB premium plan costs $18 dollars per month and gives a user 2G of data and an unrestricted amount of call time and text messages. If a user goes over his allotted data limit, FreedomPop does not levy a penalty. Instead it charges 1 penny for each megabyte of data that is over the limit. A rollover data plan is also being offered at a cost of $3 per month. It would allow a person to keep up to 500 megabytes of unused data and use it a later month, with a storage limit of 20 giga bytes.

FreedomPop has contracted with Three Network to provide its data, calling and messaging service and has stated a second network partner could be on the way. The company is also planning on beginning sales of low cost smartphones to consumers towards the end of the year. More markets in Europe are on the horizon for FreedomPop and the UK could be a jumping off point for expansion into the European market. The original article on FreedomPop’s expansion into the UK was published on Digital Trends and can be read in full there.