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6 Sure Ways to Success as a Business Woman

6 Sure Ways to Success as a Business Woman

Now more than ever, women are breaking customs and taboos that businesses are a man thing. They are not only going for the top executive positions in multi-national companies that have for long been a preserve of the many. They have also ventured into the business world and are already making it big.
They are into service and some in the manufacturing industry. For the longest time ever, the business world had been left for men while women were confined to supervisory roles and other low paying jobs. However, more and more women are coming out determined to break away from these inferiority complex standards to financial freedom.
For those willing to start, here are some few points you might want to look at before you take that leap to success:
Formulate a good business plan
For any business to take off, it must first be well thought off and carefully planned. A good plan allows you to identify the business strengths so you can maximize on them and weaknesses that you may improve on them. Another thing one should consider is following their passion.
Establish networks
Once you have started your business, start creating networks with your suppliers and customers. This makes your marketing and customer satisfaction easy.

Be hard working
They must be willing to get out of their comfort zone and spend more constructive time on their business. Planning on what new level they want to see their business reach and how to get there
A perfect example of a woman that has succeeded both in her career and in business is Susan McGalla. She is the founder of a consultancy firm in Pittsburg that offers financial advice to other businesses. Prior to these, Susan was the CEO of West Seal Inc. and the first female president of American Eagle Outfitters. She has been able to balance all these while a while a family woman married and with two children. She is an illustration of what a hardworking woman can achieve.
Be confident
What makes most women engineered businesses fail is lack of confidence. These women don’t understand that, with competition comes criticism and this is where they fail. They are less confident when they are criticized and this will most of the times be interpreted as incapability.
Have a good mentor
Another thing a women entrepreneur should consider having is a good mentor. A mentor readies the woman on what business challenges lay ahead and how to handle them.
Be patient and assertive
With this done, a woman should realize that one cannot turn an idea to a multi-billion project or a multi-national corporation overnight, it requires patience to grow. They should also be ready to learn from those who have already made it by attending seminars and researching widely.