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Joseph Bismark and the Meditative Life

Joseph Bismark and the Meditative Life

Joseph Bismark is the founding director over at QI Group. As a marketing business guru, Bismark leads a fast paced and stressful life but somehow he has always been able to showcase his health and wellness above all. His slightly odd way of running the office at QI Group has made him a bit of a celebrity in Singapore and asPire Magazine got wind of this fact. As reported by Reuters, Bismark was picked up for an interview with the magazine and he made sure to dish on several of the things that he does in order to keep himself young. We got an in depth look at what Bismark does to keep QI Group successful while taking care of himself.

Back in 2008 Joseph Bismark took on the huge burden of the Group Managing Director for QI Group. Since then he has made waves thanks to his interesting management style and pursuit for activity and progression both inside of the office and out of it. Bismark blends a unique set of hobbies including philosophy, yoga, and martial arts in order to make himself as appealing as possible while honing in on a specific style. Not only do these hobbies make Bismark a stronger person but they also give him a leg up in a world of work that seems so intent on dragging people down.

Joseph fully believes in staying active in busy with both his physical and mental faculties. In fact he says that “everyone has the potential to do extraordinary things” and that staying busy helps “to achieve the best version of ourselves.” Not only does Bismark talk the talk, but he walks the walk as well as you can see by the routine that the man follows in his day to day life.

We highlighted Joseph’s affinity for yoga and he practices the art as often as possible. Bismark is a Yoga Master at the Singapore School of Meditation and it is there that he learns about his practice and vents that education down to students. An avid reader, Bismark is always consuming the latest information about the art of yoga. He uses bhanjan chants and mantras to stay focused while practicing his forms.

Joseph believes in holistic health and wellness and he practices his beliefs as often as possible. You can see in the light way he walks, the ease with which he smiles, and the fans at the office he has earned.