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Handy Solution for Home Cleaning Services

Handy Solution for Home Cleaning Services

Handy is a renowned company offering cleaning services to 28 cities across United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. It has outdone all its competitive rivals and currently is proud to house 10000 professionals under its wing. It embraces technology where its bookings are done online by clients in need of their cleaning services. It was established in 2012 when it went by the name Handybook by four individuals; Oisin Hanrahan, Umang Dua, Weina Scott (a Harvard University graduate with a degree in computer science) and Ignacio Leonhardt (graduate of Duke and the London with a degree in economics). The name Handybook was derived from the word handyman, and a place where they are booked for their services. They raised funds through capital investment companies like Highland Capital and General Capital in October 2012 from where they acquired $2 million. Another $10 million was obtained from existing investors and David Tisch October the following year. Others included $30 million in a B round, come June 2014 when they changed their name to Handy and 15$ million in March 2015.

One cannot imagine a cleaning company being able to raise that much money; however these guys defy all odds through investing in their hard work and innovativeness to provide the best cleaning services to their clients which are seriously rewarding. Handy on facebook is aggressively growing and will soon break the ceiling assuming the same tempo. They offer plumbing services and a handyman at their clients’ beck and call. They believe that a clean and comfortable house is just a dial away; what their clients have to do is make an online booking or even call their hotline and choose the required service within their catalogue. Upon completion of these easy steps help comes in no time through their quick response strategy. All transportation fees applied in other service industries competing with Handy are written off giving them a competitive edge in the service industry.

Handy is currently opening four new offices in Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles to harness a wider client base for optimum profits. It is imperative to say that they’ve appropriately taken the place of the unreliable helps and cleaning agencies. They are so objective that the client can specify the number of rooms and notably even the start time. The price is then quoted and payment done through card on system efficiently and affordably. For better quality services to the clients, work not approved by their customers is fully refundable. Adding on to that, any breakages or damages occurring during their work are compensated accordingly. Handy is definitely what moms need to keep their homes clean, and one wouldn’t ask for more.

Handy has undoubtedly set a new bar for other cleaning companies by kicking their game notches high. New apps for both phones and PCs have been developed to facilitate offering of their services.