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Boraie Development’s Remodeling Plan

Boraie Development’s Remodeling Plan

Boraie Development LLC provides services in the development of real estate, management of property, and marketing. Acquiring offices in New Brunswick and Dayton, the company started off as a real estate agency in 1972. Their primary goal is to redevelop New Brunswick from the tragic aftermath of hurricane Sandy, through direct capital and private funding.

Omar Boraie, the president of Boraie development, played a vital role in the remodeling of New Brunswick. He created the Albany Street Plaza Tower One (1988), followed by a second extension of the tower (2013) and the One Spring Street Condominium (2007). The condominium provided housing to several professionals who were employed in the towers.

New Brunswick experienced nothing but relentless downfalls. Whether it’s challenges faced from staggering property values across the city or influx of immigrants, major modifications were necessary.Growth occurred throughout several decades, with the help of Boraie Development and Johnson and Johnson. The changes consisted of urban renewal projects such as landscapes used for commercial and academic purposes.

Sponsored through EDA’s Urban Transit Hub Program and New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Financing Agency, The Aspire became one of the most prominent buildings in downtown New Jersey. It was featured on NJ.com, the official newsletter website for New Jersey citizens. The 17 story residential complex offers many advantages for people. Settlers are provided an extensive list of activities and services. This includes lounges in the kitchen, patios on the rooftop, gardens, doormans that monitor your apartment and a fitness center that’s available throughout most of the day.

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Four time NBA champion Shaquille O’Neal pledged to partner up for Boraie Development in a quest to expand the territory of New Brunswick. One instance is volunteering to cooperate with mayor Ras Baraka, during the beginning of August, to co-host a basketball tournament. The tournament was held on Broad Street in front of City Hall. Men and woman were aloud to participate in the three-on-three tournament.

During 2012, He teamed up with Boraie Development to open the Cityplex movie theater on Springfield avenue. This $7 dollar project was followed up, in 2013, with plans to convert Science High School to a multistory apartment tower that has retail property on the ground.

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