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Computer Sciences Corporation; Innovation in IT

Computer Sciences Corporation; Innovation in IT

Computer Science Corporation is an incredible multi-national corporation that focuses primarily on Information technology and is considered a global leader in the field. The main headquarters of Computer Science Corporation is situated Falls church Virginia, however there are major offices across the globe employing over 70,000 professionals.

Computer Science Corporation (CSC) focuses on providing superior returns for their clients technology investments, this is completed through the power of its people. CSC solves problems, complex problems and issues that are integral to the running of their clients. Their success in this field is evident through 50 plus years of ingenuity and experience. In 1959 Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones who wanted to start a company based on integrity and innovation founded the company.

CSC is a client focused company, they attempt to have an understanding of their clients and use this as a driver for success. The company aims to provide exceptional customer service and solutions across the board. This has helped the company stand out amongst the competition and drive their sales. This is a philosophy that was developed as the top of the company and has trickled down to every level of employment. A company built on innovation strives to create this environment amongst its workforce and succeeds.

Eric Pulier, CEO, was a driving force for the company whose knowledge of computer programming started early in life. In the fourth grade Pulier began programming computers and even went as far as starting a database computer company in high school. Pulier furthered his education at both Harvard and MIT before beginning his professional career. at CSC Pulier was an played an integral part in developing the companies creation and delivery cloud service which increased productivity while lowering costs. Through these ventures Pulier is not recognized as an incredible successful entrepreneur in the IT world. VAR business name Pulier as one of the top 30 e-Visionaries and is also a very popylar public speaker. Writing for TheCrimson is also one of his pet projects.

CSC is very lucky to have had Pulier as part of its team, his drive and determination has helped in increasing both the company‚Äôs services and profitability. He has helped in making CSC a global leader in IT solutions. CSC continues to work hard in increasing its market share in IT solutions and will global force in this industry for years to come. Plus, he’s written a book on Amazon.